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Top 10 Best PVP Pokemon GO


Are you looking for the Best PVP Pokemon GO? Look no further as we list out the best Pokemons to keep in your deck for PVP leagues. We list out each stats to help you figure out which Pokemon is worth your time, in which league and why it’s essential. Checkout more Pokemon News

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Best PVP Pokemon GO

Pokemon Stats: Attack 143, Defense 285, and Stamina 190. Registeel type is Steel and has an overall height of 1.80 meters and a weight of 250 kg. It’s a short robot, with a small chubby body. But, that doesn’t mean it’s good at PVP.

Register is a Steel Type Pokemon and a great choice when countering other Pokemons like ice or rock types. Since it’s steel, it cannot be affected by poison of all types! It has an overall defense of 285, which is one of the best in Pokemon GO. However, it has a very low Attack (143) and HP (160). But, it has reduced damage from grass, psychic, ice, normal, bug, grass and dragon.

  • Fast Moves: Meta Claw, Rock Smash, and Lock-on
  • Charge Moves: Hyper Beam, Flash Cannon, Focus Blast


Top 10 Best PVP Pokemon GO 26

Pokemon Stats: Attack 112, Defense 152 and Stamina 225. Azumarill type is Fairy and Water, with a max CP of 1588. The height is 0.8 meters and 28.5 kg. It’s a cute and bubbly Pokemon to capture your attention and is great at low tier PVP.


Azumaril is boosted by Rain and Cloudy weather, with its best move being Bubble and Play Rough (7.66 DPS). It’s considered one of the best Pokemon in the Great League. But, as you go up in leagues, it falls off in tier due to its lack of overall Attack (112) and Defense (152). Its weakness is Poison, Grass, and Electric. It has resistance to Water, Fighting, Ice, Fire, Bug, Dark, and Dragon.

  • Quick Moves: Bubble and Rock Smash.
  • Charge Moves: Hydro Pump, Play Rough, and Ice Beam.


Top 10 Best PVP Pokemon GO 28

Pokemon Stats: Attack 198, Defense 189, Stamina 190. Venusaur type is Grass and Poison with a max CP of 2720. It has an overall weight of 100 kg and height of 2.0 meters.

Venusaur is a great PVP Pokemon in the Great League, mostly due to its Frenzy Plant attack with a DPE (Damage Per Energy) of 2.22. It combines well with Vine Whip, which is its preferred Fast Move for its energy generation into a Charge move. As you move up in Ultra League, it falls off quite a bit compared to Registeel.

It’ll get wins off of its main counters, including Fire and Psychic Pokemon like Mewtwo, Reshiram, and Valcarono. It has good movesets and can Tank, but you should use only as a supporting Pokemon. In Master Leagues, it’s not worth it with a max CP of 2720, which isn’t enough to survive against stronger Pokemon.

  • Fast Moves: Razor Leaf, Vine Whip
  • Charge Moves: Petal Blizzard, Sludge Bomb, Solar Beam
  • Special Moves: Frenzy Plant, Return


Top 10 Best PVP Pokemon GO 30

Pokemon Stats: Attack 208, Defense 175 and Stamina 225. Swampert type is ground and water, with a max CP of 2974. It’s a great overall Pokemon in all leagues with its very good movesets.


Mud Shot, combined with Hydro Cannon and Earthquake offers great energy generation (Mudshot) and Charge (Hydro Cannon). It has a Grass weakness and overall resistance to Rock, Steel, Poison, Fire, and Electric, which is great for Ultra League countering Steel-meta champs. But, this Pokemon can be very match-up dependant and has to compete with other ground-types such as Quagsire and Whiscash.

Overall, it has great overall stats for Great League, but a very niche option in Masters with a max CP of 2974, but Swampert can still get the job done. Its main losses come from resistance to both ground and water attacks.

  • Quick Moves: Mudshot
  • Charge: Hydro Cannon, Earthquake


Top 10 Best PVP Pokemon GO 32

Pokemon Stats: Attack 148, Defense 226 and Stamina 163. Skarmory type is Flying and Steel, with a max CP of 2108.

This Pokemon is good in the Great League due to its great moveset and bulkiness. It has a very high win-rate against Grass-type Pokemon and has 10 resistance, so you’ll have a stable win rate within the League. It’s vulnerable to both Fire and Electric, which deals 160% damage. Pokemon such as Reshiram and Darmintan will give Skarmory a very hard time.

Its best combo is Steel Wing and Sky Attack for maximum DPS. However, it’s lackluster in Ultra and Master Leagues, with a max CP of 2108, which is very weak compared to others.

  • Quick move: Air Slash
  • Charge move: Sky Attack, Flash Cannon


Top 10 Best PVP Pokemon GO 34

Pokemon Stats: Attack 94, Defense 286 and Stamina 155. Bastiodon type is Rock and Steel. It has very high Defense and is good in the Great League.

Basitodon is one of the best tanks to have on your team, taking little to no damage from basic attacks and breaks through Flying-type Pokemon to really dominate the front-line. It has great overall stats in the Great League and does tremendously well, even against their counters such as Excadrill and Lucario.

It’s very weak against Ground and Fighting Types, and Water moves. It doesn’t fair well in Ultra and Master Leagues, with a max CP of 1563. You won’t even stand a chance with this Pokemon, so it’s a great idea to keep it in the Great League.

  • Quick Moves: Smack Down
  • Charge: Stone Edge, Flamethrower


Top 10 Best PVP Pokemon GO 36

Pokemon Stat: Attack 234, Defense 159 and Stamina 207. Machamp type is a Fighter with a max CP of 3056. It’s a great overall League Pokemon with good stats.

Machamp is a great Fighting class Pokemon with a hard counter to Steel units in Ultra League. It has a very high Attack and moderate defense, making it into almost any composition or league available. In Great League, it is essential when countering Dragon/Steel Type Dialga. However, it’s countered by Fairy, Psychics and Flying types, so Mewtwo and Alakazam is an ideal Pokemon to deal with Machamp.

Its PVP moveset is Counter with Cross Chop and Rock Slide, which outputs the highest DPS. It has an overall resistance to Dark, Bug and Rock moves. With access to great Fighting Type movesets, it is definitely a Top-Tier PVP Pokemon to keep in your deck.

  • Quick Move: Counter
  • Charge: Cross Chop, Rock Slide


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