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Mighty Quest For Epic Loot For iOS – First Impressions


Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is a Free-To-Play action roleplaying game with one-thumb gameplay developed by Ubisoft. This game caught my interest with its Diablo-like gameplay while browsing Reddit for another Action-RPG to try out.

I decided to give it a try after finishing off another level of Almost A Hero. When you first download Mighty Quest, you are introduced to a tutorial, which outlines all of the basic in-game mechanics. I felt forced at first, but appreciated the background story.

Similar to any other mobile game, you will notice its range of purchasable items. I ignored it in hopes that I would’t be forced to have to pay for anything just to progress.

Upon entering the first dungeon, I caught on to the basics controls. You can attack and use your special abilities with your two thumbs. But, it is playable to just one. The game has great auto-aim mechanics to target a single or group of monsters.

As you progress, it became increasingly challenging as mobs start using their abilities that you have to dodge to avoid damage. Your health doesn’t replenish as you progress through each stage, so WATCH OUT and DODGE as best you can.


Mighty Quest For Epic Loot In-Game Modes.

There are several modes you can choose from. Adventure, Trials, and Arena. Adventure mode has 10 different acts, with up to 10 progress levels. Each act also has a difficulty that you can set, offering a ton of replay value. Trials are events that offer rewards for completing them. Each event has a time and “tries” limit. These events are challenging and can be difficult without proper gear score. The Arena is a PVP battle arena against other players for leaderboard ranking and rewards.

So far, Adventure mode have been a blast. The stages are challenging and features a 3-Star system based on the objectives completed. You can grind these stages, for gold and loot – but there is a limit. You enter into a stage by using 2 ‘Energy’ and limited 34 energy in total. There is an option to pay for additional energy, but 34 is enough for any casual gamer.

I enjoyed destroying mods and utilizing the selection of skills. You are offered three Skills. Skills can be upgraded by using points. As you level, you can unlock additional skills to ultimately vanquish your enemies. While using skills, there are several strategies that can be used, such as grouping mods together and using your AOE (Area of Attack) abilities for faster grinding. While you level, there is auto win mechanics for lazy-play.

Your Hero Ever-Evolving Gear.

On your adventure, you will be collecting loot. Loot is gathered by completing Trials and Adventures (or paying in the cash shop). You have several pieces of gear that you can equip and upgrade: Pets, Weapon, Helmet, Shields, Gauntlets, and Greaves. For each piece of equipment you have, there is a Might score of your overall power. This will definitely increase your E-Peen in the arena.

Is It Worth A Try?

Yes, it is definitely worth to try. So far, after 5+ hours of gameplay, it is extremely fun to hack n’ slash mods. I do expect that it will start to become a grind. There are a few that are concerned with the increasing amount of P2W elements. If you don’t mind spending a few bucks, it is definitely worth having it as one of your main go-to games.


Update (September 14th, 2019): Just Hit Level 8.

Once Arena unlocked, I’ve won two of the three matches. The matchmaking is quite good as you face off against opponents with similar gear scores. I was quite surprised at how many low-levels didn’t upgrade or promote their gear. This is mostly due to the lack of general information within the game on how the forge mechanics work and can feel overwhelming at first. But, as I progressed, PVP becomes increasingly harder as the Gear Score differences become apparent to either winning or losing a match, as well as certain “meta” skills to use.

The arena features a 3v3 free for all. You are limited to three arena energies per day. This was quite disappointing since I enjoyed the first three matches and wanted to keep grinding. I wish this limit could be increased by at least 3, giving 6 in total for the arena to get a feel of how to play and use your abilities.

You can become more competitive by upgrading your gear by using the loot you capture. Each piece of gear has a Max Level until you “promote” it to the next level. You can also add runes to add to your armor and weapons to make them even stronger. Currently, I do not have the best gear as a new player as I’m playing from a F2P perspective.

The boss battles have become increasingly challenging throughout Act 2, which I love. You will hit a point where you need to upgrade your gear in order to have a chance without taking too much damage, as it is nearly impossible to go damage-less by dodging attacks.

Auto-battle will be your best friend to grind loot casually without having to actually play. I find often find myself using Auto battle after manually beating a level for a 3-star rating.

So far, the reward system has given me a fair amount of Rare & Epic Chests, where I don’t feel as if I am forced to pay for something, even though it is enticing. Each chest give you a chance to acquire extra loot, where you can use or used to upgrade existing gear.

This impression will be updated in 10-15 days after further progress is made.


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