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Cooking Mananas Battle Soup In Xenoblade Chronicles 3


Wondering how to make mananas battle soup and other recipes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? Read our latest blog to get the scoop on how to get new recipes and boost your stats.

Exploring the vast world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is no easy feat and requires preparation for a successful journey. One way to make sure you’re ready for what lies ahead is by utilizing Meals at Rest Spots – it’s an excellent way to buff your stats and maximize rewards from boss encounters or Unique Monsters.

Meals are a powerful tool that can provide you with EXP, CP, Gold, and more, albeit temporarily. The beauty of it all is that there are many recipes and meals to choose from, so you can pick the one that provides the buffs you need when you need them – as long as they’re unlocked of course! From Cooking Mananas Battle Soup to other dishes such as Ultimate Smoked Roast Beef, you’ll be able to find something delicious yet beneficial.

These meals certainly won’t replace Gems, Accessories, or leveling up in importance but they should still most definitely not be overlooked; their temporary nature doesn’t mean they aren’t extremely helpful along your journey.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at Mananas Battle Soup including the effects, ingredients, and where you can obtain it!


Meals At Colony Canteens

Cooking Mananas Battle Soup In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - A Guide By CrushThePixel.

If you’re playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you know that Manana can whip up some delicious meals at Camps and Rest Spots to keep your party’s morale high. But did you know that there is another way to access new recipes?

Colony Canteen Meals are dinners available for purchase with Gold from liberated Colonies. Once purchased, a recipe will be unlocked in Manana’s Kitchen, allowing her to create the meal whenever needed.

Unfortunately, Colony Canteen Meals usually only have one Meal Effect and they tend to have a shorter duration than the meals crafted while on the road. Nonetheless, if you want to expand your cooking repertoire (and feed your adventurers!), here’s a list of all Colony Canteen Meals!

Battle Soup Effects

The battle soup whipped up by Manana has a few awesome effects to keep in mind, as they’ll be pretty useful throughout the game.

Firstly, the dish increases the experience rate by 5%. Additionally, your CP will be boosted by the same amount.


How Long Do The Effects Last?

The maximum effect duration for the Mananas battle soup is 49 minutes. However, the duration of meal effects will vary from player to player as it’s largely calculated by using your Affinity Rank. Therefore, it will be a different length of time at different Affinity Ranks.

How To Make Mananas Battle Soup

Mananas Battle Soup Guide By CrushThePixel.

Mananas battle soup is pretty simple to make. You’ll need to use either the right ingredients or Silver Nopon Coins in order to purchase it.

Meal NameMeal Effects
Manana’s Battle SoupEXP gain boost & increase CP by 5% each.

Where Can It Be Cooked?

This particular recipe can be made by Manana at just about any rest spot in-game, given that you have the right ingredients or Silver Nopon Coins on hand.

Mananas Battle Soup Ingredients

When you go to make the soup, Manana will need a few ingredients from you – namely, she will ask you for:

  1. Glitter Raddish (2)
  2. Comet carrot (2)
  3. Bunnit Meat (1)

Alternatively, if you do not have the list of ingredients above, you can also have her make it for you by paying her 1 Silver Nopon Coin.


Mananas battle soup is a great meal to boost your EXP and CP in-game. And while it’s one of the default meals available to everyone through Manana – many players either don’t know it exists or don’t know how to make it in order to reap the sweet buffs it offers.

In today’s article, we’ve given you the down-low on the ingredients, cost, and how-to when it comes to making Mananas battle soup. And with that, we wish you luck in your Xenoblade Chronicles 3 adventures!


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