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Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020)


Sword 2: Incremental Dungeon Crawling RPG

Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 2

Sword 2 is an incremental dungeon crawler; create a party of idle heroes and battle powerful monsters. Earn loot to collect items and epic gear, so you can battle and survive the dungeon crawl. Similar to your typical incremental clicker game, you’ll have to battle monsters, upgrade your skill and form a proper party, so you can go deeper into the dungeon. You’ll be able to tap your heroes and guide them to find treasure and explore further.

  • Powerful idle heroes that fight offline
  • Collect and evolve your heroes
  • Find hidden treasures and gems in the pixel dungeon

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Lost in the Dungeon

Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 10

This is a unique dungeon crawler, that combines mind-bending puzzles. With your sword and armor, you’re lost in a deep dungeon filled with merciless enemies, rushing you from all directions. You have to be strong and survive! Raid dungeons by the connecting spirit stones and earn experience as you explore and destroy enemies. If you’re interested in character customization, this is for you! There are different 24 different warriors, each with their own strategy with more coming to each update.

  • 24 characters, each with their own strategies
  • Over 40 different monsters
  • Weapons and equipment has unlimited customization
  • Combines incremental with a puzzle gameplay

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Infinite Knights – Turn-Based RPG

The good knight died and there is no one left to take the throne. The land has been taken over by hellish monsters and only a miracle can save the people. Are you the brave knight to do it? Infinite Knights is a turned-based RPG with over 2000 dungeon floors to defeat Devil King. You can also come across other dimensions by floor 100 and use soul stones to power-up your knight. All heroes are randomly generated, adding replayability to your gameplay experience. Of course, you can play offline and generate income without even playing!

  • Use material & forge your own equipment
  • 2,000 Dungeon Floors to reach endgame boss
  • 9 different heroes with classes and abilities

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Dunidle: Dungeon Crawler

Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 24

Dunidle is a pixel-based RPG game, with heroes, templars and necromancers. If you’re a fan of old-school graphics and idle gameplay, this is definitely a game for you. Become either a knight, rogue, archer, wizard or druid, etc. and battle in a land of endless possibilities. Collect items and venture into necromancer dungeons for unique quests. Play both offline and online for idle progression.

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Rogue Dungeon RPG

Rogue Dungeon is a nifty game with a tonne of builds and over 110 unique passive skills. This game has endless replayability and action; you fight until you die and then rise again, but stronger. There is also a hardcore mode with permanent death. Rogue Dungeon is filled with epic items, weapons, and relics. Relics are used after death to powerup your character.

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