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Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020)


*Updated March 2020

Today, we will explore the world of Incremental games and Clicker RPG’s in the iOS and android store. Recently, we compiled our list of the Best Idle Games and we decided that it is best to make a completely different list for Incremental Games as not everyone enjoys Idle Games, but prefer progressive RPG mechanics with little to no “lazy” features that cater to casual gameplay or busy schedules. If you have a bit of time on your hands, you should definitely give these games a try.

What is Incremental Games?

Incremental Games, according to Wiki, is a player performing a simple action, usually a click and getting rewarded for it. They are also known as Clicker RPG, Clicker Games or Clicking Games.

If you browse around the App Store lately, you will see the popularity of these games. If you are a casual gamer, these type of games will appeal to you more. The act of “clicking” offers simple, yet effective gameplay for busy people. In certain games, this turns into automation, where your heroes or empire is being built while offline.

Although, there are elements within these incremental games that appeal to a more hardcore player base as they tend to spend in-game to “get good”, this may include PVP, Boss Raiding and Clan Battles.


What is the difference between Incremental & Idle Games?

This is an interesting question and it comes down to psychology. To have “incremental” gameplay is to reward players taking a small action and being rewarded endlessly. This “endless” mechanic keeps you wanting to get stronger and stronger, but it doesn’t end. For certain games, it is continuous and infinite.

Idle or as I like to call it: lazy-play, is to play a game without actually playing it. For example, in Idle Mine, you run a mining empire with mangers and workers. In the beginning, you are tapping (incremental) for a reward (mining and gold). Eventually, it will turn into an automated mining tycoon (Idle gameplay) with an endless amount of gold and rewards being produced.

Why Are Incremental Games So Popular?

Let’s talk about the gameplay for a second. For a mobile game to be considered Incremental, it would need a simple action and a reward. Now, this appeals to a wide audience.

If you are a mother with three kids and only need to spend 15-minutes playing an incremental game while spending hours off the game can also lead to rewards – why wouldn’t you? It also helps kids who don’t have to understand confusing RPG mechanics or gameplay.

These games appeal to the pain points of the average and casual gamer – the ones that are busy, who has a job and cannot spend much time gaming. In incremental games, once you launch the game after a busy schedule, you can immediately get back into it without losing any progress.


Imagine if your job was incremental; you get paid to show up for 2 hours, but the rest was automated and idle. But, every time you come back to work, your salry gets raised! Who wouldn’t take that job? I sure would!

Our list is updated regularly, so comment on any idles games that aren’t listed in the comment section.

Medieval Clicker Blacksmith 

Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 2

Become a blacksmith and forge epic and legendary weapons with rare materials to create amazing medieval weapons to complete missions and objectives. Instead of producing idle gold, use your thumb to complete tasks, upgrade your hammer and material.

  • Materials to forge epic medieval weapons
  • Prestige system to accelerate progress
  • 6 new weapons, including legendaries

Download iOS & Android

Tiny Gladiators 2: Heroes Duels

Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 10

Tiny Gladiator 2 is a sequel to Tiny Gladiator; an action-packed mobile game, with RPG gameplay. Play as a Mage, Archer or Warrior. Develop these powerful heroes by upgrading skills and earning chests for armor, weapons, and equipment. There is also PVP and Clans to join for boss raids.

  • Incremental RPG Progress
  • Singleplayer & PVP battles
  • Gear Customization & Heroe Evolution
Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 12
Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 14

Download iOS & Android

Dealers Only Squad: Reforged

Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 16

Dealers only squad is an easy and simple RPG game for incremental gameplay. Collect various heroes and weapons to combat an endless wave of enemies. Heroes can equip weapons that have their own effects and cosmetic. Level your heroes to become more powerful and grind waves faster. Weapons can also be leveled in the artifact and have collection effects.

  • Idle Gameplay & Endless Battles
  • Click & Tap Action-Gameplay
  • Each hero has 2 active skills and 20 passive skills
Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 18
Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 20

Download iOS & Android

Job Hunt Heroes

Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 22

There are five novice heroes seeking employment who the kings are hiring as interns. During their employment, adventure through dangerous dungeons in an auto-combat system. Craft your own weapons and equipment by hunting up to 500 different items. Collect and upgrade artifacts to give your heroes a boost in their abilities to crush your enemies!

Download iOS & Android

Homeless Demon King

Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 30

The Devil king defeated by a human warrior and lost his castle. To reclaim his castle from the puny humans, he must defeat them all! This game features a unique style of graphic and easy-to-understand click-style gameplay. Hire comrades in your adventure to defeat the humans, each having their own powerful skills. Wait until your Evolution Gauge to fill

  • Upgrade and Evolve your Demon King
  • Hire comrades in this epic adventure
  • Complete a series of quests to make money

Download iOS & Android

Automatic RPG

Automatic RPG is a time-killing, clicker RPG game where your hero does its own thing, including leveling up and gaining EXP in the ultimate Idle experience. Take your heroes to combat evil from a corrupt government, extreme weather, and unemployment. Enjoy this fun little RPG game for casual gameplay experience and incremental progression.

  • Online & Offline Gameplay
  • 70+ different items and weapons
  • Item Shop & Endless Mode

Download iOS & Android

Tap Empire: Incremental Auto Clicker

Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 44

Are you ready to become a Tap millionaire? Tap Empire is an auto-clicker, where you build businesses and upgrade them with a simple tap. Build an automated empire and become an epic billionaire by researching, collecting and upgrading in an endless idle clicker.

  • Level & Upgrade Your Businesses
  • Incremental Casual Gameplay
  • Offline Gameplay

Download iOS & Android

Cave Heroes

Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 52

Cave Heroes is an incremental dungeon crawler, Idle RPG game. Create a party of Cave Heroes and build an epic village to earn loot and powerful upgrades. Battle a variety of monsters for epic weapons and equipment in order to crawl deeper and deeper into evil and defend your village. If you love dungeon crawlers, you will absolutely enjoy Cave Heroes!

  • Equip and Upgrade heroes
  • Incremental RPG Action
  • Loot & Upgrade equipment and weapons

Download iOS & Android

Cave Heroes: Dungeon Crawler 

Top Incremental Games For Android & iOS (2020) 60

If you’re looking for a party-dungeon crawler, look no further! Cave heroes are the ultimate dungeon crawler, currently in early access (as of early 2020). Level up and earn epic loot, with this incremental RPG. Crawl colossal caves filled with enemies and secrets. You will battle staggering monsters, upgrade equipment and develop idle skills, without having to spend hundreds of hours. Find treasure deep in the pixel dungeon and ensure you have enough gear and health to continue further!

  • Epic monsters, caves, and dungeons
  • Incremental boss battles and skills
  • Loot & Upgrade weapons & equipment

Download Android

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