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How To Use Reforge Stones In Diablo Immortal


Wondering how to use Reforge Stones in Diablo Immortal? Check out our latest blog post to learn more about this powerful item and how it can help you in your journey.

Are you looking to make your Diablo Immortal character even stronger? Reforge stones are a great way to do just that. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use reforge stones, what they do in Diablo Immortal, how to change attributes with reforge stones, and whether or not you can reforge set items in Diablo Immortal. By the end of this article, you’ll have all the knowledge necessary to make your character as powerful as possible.

how to use reforge stones diablo immortal

How to Use Reforge Stones in Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal, Reforge Stones are used to upgrade your equipment. These stones can be acquired from the Hilt’s Trader Merchant, Smithing Materials, and the Blacksmith Charsi. With them, you can increase the stats of your weapons and armor, making them even more powerful.

Acquiring Reforge Stones

The easiest way to acquire Reforge Stones is by trading with the Hilt’s Trader Merchant. Here you can exchange various items for Reforge Stones. You can also find them in Smithing Materials and from the Blacksmith Charsi.

Using Reforge Stones

Once you have acquired a few Reforge Stones, you can use them to upgrade your equipment. To do this, open up your inventory and select the item you wish to upgrade. Then select the “Reforge” option and choose which stat you want to increase. You will then need to choose how many stones you want to use on that stat. Each stone will increase the stat by a certain amount, so make sure to use enough stones for the desired effect.

Bonus Attributes

When using Reforge Stones, you may also unlock bonus attributes on your equipment such as increased damage or extra health regeneration. These bonuses are random and will depend on how many stones you use and which stats you choose to upgrade. However, they can be a great way to further boost your gear’s power level.


What Reforge Stones Do in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is a mobile game that allows players to explore the world of Sanctuary and battle against hordes of demons. One of the features of the game is the ability to use Reforge Stones to upgrade weapons and armor. Reforge Stones are obtained by completing quests, defeating monsters, and trading with merchants.

How to Obtain Reforge Stones

Players can obtain Reforge Stones from completing quests, defeating monsters, and trading with merchants. Quests can be found in various areas throughout the game, such as dungeons and campsites. Defeating monsters will also reward players with Reforge Stones. Finally, players can trade with merchants for Reforge Stones in exchange for gold or other materials.

How to Use Reforge Stones

Once a player has obtained a Reforge Stone, they can use it to upgrade their weapons and armor. To do this, they must visit the blacksmith Charsi in Tristram or the merchant Hiltz in Caldeum. At these locations, players can select an item they wish to upgrade and apply the Reforge Stone to it. The stone will then add bonus attributes to the item, such as increased damage or increased armor rating.


Reforge Stones are an important part of Diablo Immortal and allow players to upgrade their weapons and armor with bonus attributes. Players can obtain these stones by completing quests, defeating monsters, or trading with merchants. Once they have a stone, they can use it at either Charsi’s blacksmith shop in Tristram or Hiltz’s merchant shop in Caldeum to upgrade their items.

How to Change Attributes with Reforge Stones

Reforge stones are a special item in Diablo Immortal that allow players to customize their gear. With reforge stones, players can change the attributes of their weapons and armor, making them more powerful and better suited for their playstyle.


To get reforge stones, players need to visit the Hilt’s Trader or Merchant Smithing Materials Blacksmith. Both of these NPCs will have reforge stones available for purchase. Once a player has acquired some reforge stones, they can use them to change the attributes of their gear.

To use a reforge stone, simply equip the item you want to modify and then click on the “Reforge” button in your inventory. This will bring up a list of all the available attributes that can be changed using a reforge stone. Select an attribute from this list and then select the desired value for that attribute. Finally, click “Apply” and the new attribute will be applied to your item.

In addition to changing an item’s attributes, reforge stones also provide a bonus attribute when used. This bonus attribute is random and can range from increased damage or defense to increased experience gain or gold find rate.

To learn more about how to use reforge stones in Diablo Immortal, we recommend checking out Wowhead’s guide on Reforge Stones.

Can You Reforge Set Items in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal is an action-RPG mobile game that allows players to customize their gear with reforge stones. These stones can be used to add bonus attributes to weapons and armor, giving them an edge in battle. But can you use reforge stones to upgrade set items?

The answer is yes! You can use reforge stones to upgrade set items in Diablo Immortal. According to Gamerant, you can get reforge stones from the Hilt’s Trader merchant or by smithing materials at the blacksmith. Once you have a stone, you can use it to upgrade any item, including set items.

How Does Reforging Work?

Reforging works by adding bonus attributes to an item. When you reforge an item, you choose one of four attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, or Intelligence. The attribute you choose will be boosted by a certain amount depending on the type of reforge stone used. For example, a common stone might boost Strength by +10%, while a rare stone might boost Strength by +20%.

What Are the Benefits of Reforging Set Items?

Reforging set items has several benefits. First, it allows players to customize their gear and make it more powerful. This is especially useful for endgame content where every bit of power counts. Second, it gives players more options when it comes to choosing gear for their build. By reforging set items, players can tailor their gear to fit their playstyle and maximize their effectiveness in combat.

Overall, reforging set items in Diablo Immortal is a great way to customize your gear and give yourself an edge in battle. With the right combination of reforge stones and set items, you can create powerful builds that will help you dominate your enemies!

Closing Thoughts

Reforge Stones are a powerful tool in Diablo Immortal that can help players customize their gear to their own playstyle. We’ve covered how to use Reforge Stones, what they do in Diablo Immortal, how to change attributes with Reforge Stones, and if you can reforge Set Items in Diablo Immortal.

Using Reforge Stones is a great way to make sure your gear is tailored to the way you like to play. With a few stones and some patience, you can make sure your gear has the stats and bonuses that will help you take on the toughest monsters in Sanctuary.

Thanks for following along as we discussed how to use Reforge Stones in Diablo Immortal. If you have any thoughts or information on the topic of how to use reforge stones diablo immortal, please share them in the comments below!


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