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How to Breed Ghazt In My Singing Monsters


Wondering how to breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters? Keep reading to learn all the tips and tricks you’ll need to know to breed your own Ethereal Ghazt.

Hey, monster breeders! Welcome back to another fantastic adventure in the world of My Singing Monsters. If you haven’t played this incredibly addictive game yet, let me introduce you to a world where you can create your very own island full of singing monsters! Developed by Big Blue Bubble Inc., My Singing Monsters has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide as they build and populate their islands with adorable musical creatures.

But today, we’re here to talk about one of the most sought-after Ethereal Monsters – Ghazt! That’s right, my fellow monster enthusiasts! We’ll be diving deep into the secrets behind breeding this elusive creature, so you can show off your skills and rock out with Ghazt on your island. So grab your headphones and let’s get started on our quest for the ultimate guide on how to breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters! Trust us; it’ll be music to your ears (pun intended)!

Ghazt: The Ethereal Monster

Ghazt the ethereal monster from My Singing Monsters by Crush The Pixel.

Get ready, monster breeders! In this section, we’re going to dive into the world of Ghazt – a mysterious and elusive character in My Singing Monsters. So, what is it about this feline-like creature that has gamers on their toes? Let’s find out!

A Ghostly Purple Feline

Ghazt stands out from its fellow monsters with its ghostly purple appearance. This ethereal creature seems to float effortlessly through the air, with five luminous orbs hovering above it. These orbs not only add to the mystical vibe of Ghazt but also play a significant role in creating its unique musical notes. Each time Ghazt touches one of these orbs, a beautiful sound echoes throughout your island! And if that isn’t cool enough, sometimes these orbs light up and play on their own.


The World of Ethereal Monsters

But what exactly makes an Ethereal Monster so special? You see, unlike Natural Monsters found in My Singing Monsters, Ethereals are way more challenging to breed. They live on their own dedicated island where they produce shards. Shards are like coins in the game but function as a different currency type.

How to Breed Ghazt is no walk in the park – which is why we’re here to help you unlock this enigmatic creature and get those shards flowing.

So now that we’ve got you hyped about Ghazt and intrigued by the world of Ethereal Monsters, let’s move on to discuss how you can start breeding Ghazt for yourself! Stay tuned for some super-secret combinations and tips that’ll have you well on your way to becoming a My Singing Monsters pro.

Getting Started with Breeding Ghazt

In this section, we’re diving deep into the world of Ethereal Monsters, specifically the elusive Ghazt. You might have heard whispers about how challenging it can be to breed these mysterious creatures, but don’t worry – we’ve got your back! Let’s uncover the secrets behind breeding a Ghazt and find out what it takes to add this otherworldly monster to your collection.

The Challenge of Breeding Ethereal Monsters

The first thing you need to know is that breeding Ethereal Monsters like Ghazt is not a walk in the park. These ghostly creatures are much more difficult to breed compared to their Natural Monster counterparts. But hey, who doesn’t love a good challenge? Just remember that patience is key when trying to breed a Ghazt – and trust us, it’ll be worth it!


Combinations for Breeding Success

Now that you know getting a Ghazt will require some extra effort let’s talk about how to make it happen. To breed a Ghazt, you’ll need specific monster combinations in your arsenal. It might take some trial and error, but stick with us as we reveal the best pairings for your breeding endeavors.

So there you have it – the foundation for our journey on how to breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters. Now let’s move on and explore some of the best combinations that’ll give you an edge in this exciting challenge!

Best Breeding Combinations for Ghazt

In this section, we’re going to dive into the nitty-gritty of breeding Ghazt, our favorite ghostly cat-like creature in My Singing Monsters. To help you score a Ghazt in your monster collection, we’ve compiled a list of the best breeding combinations that will increase your chances of success. So buckle up and get ready to become a Ghazt breeding master!

Note: You can also reference this breeding table for quick notes on all the different monsters.

Entbrat: The Key Ingredient

To successfully breed a Ghazt, it’s essential to have an Entbrat involved in the mix. This large tree-like creature is the starting point for every successful Ghazt breeding attempt. The other half of the equation is finding the perfect partner to pair with your Entbrat.

Top Breeding Combinations

Here are four top-notch combinations that’ll give you the best chance at hatching your very own Ghazt:

  1. Entbrat and Bowgart: This combo brings together two musically gifted monsters in hopes of creating an ethereal masterpiece.
  2. Entbrat and Clamble: Pairing these two creates a harmony between earthy sounds and quirky beats that might just result in a Ghazt.
  3. Entbrat and Pummel: Combining these percussion-based monsters can give rise to an Ethereal beat that attracts our elusive feline friend.
  4. Entbrat and T-Rox: Our personal favorite combination! These two rockin’ creatures offer the best odds at producing a Ghazt.

Pro Tips for Success

To maximize your chances of breeding a Ghazt, consider leveling up your Entbrat and its partner as much as possible before attempting any combinations. Also, keep trying different combos until you find one that works – remember, perseverance is key when it comes to how to breed Ghazt!

Why Entbrat and T-Rox?

We highly recommend the Entbrat and T-Rox combination because it offers the best chances of success. Ghazt, being an Ethereal monster, is generally harder to breed. However, with this particular pairing, you’ll have a 50% chance of hatching a Ghazt after 70 attempts! Now that’s some solid odds in your favor.

Hatching Time and Island Preferences

Oh, the anticipation of waiting for that Ghazt egg to hatch! In this section, we’ll talk about how long it takes for your precious Ghazt to hatch and where this ghostly feline prefers to call home. So grab a snack and get comfy as we dive into the world of hatching times and island habitats!

Hatching Time: The Clock is Ticking

So you’ve followed our tips on how to breed Ghazt, but now comes the real test—waiting! As with everything in life, patience is key when it comes to hatching a Ghazt egg. Depending on which island you’re breeding on, there are different hatching times:

  • Plant Island: 1 day and 12 hours
  • Ethereal Island: 10 hours

Remember, these times are approximate, so don’t be discouraged if your Ghazt is taking a little longer to emerge. Keep calm and carry on breeding!

Ghazt’s Habitat Preferences: Where Does It Call Home?

Now that you know how long it takes for your Ghazt egg to hatch let’s talk about where this ethereal creature likes to roam. As an Ethereal Monster, Ghazt has its preferences when it comes down to island habitats.

Ghazts love hanging out on Ethereal Island (no surprises there!), where they can produce shards—a valuable currency type in My Singing Monsters. These ghoulish kitties also enjoy spending time on Plant Island if that’s more your style.

In conclusion, whether you’re aiming for the lush greens of Plant Island or the mysterious ambiance of Ethereal Island, remember that persistence is key in achieving your goal of breeding a Ghazt. Best of luck in your monster-breeding endeavors! And hey—once you’ve finally bred that elusive Ghazt, why not drop by the comments section and share your success story with fellow monster breeders? We’d love to hear all about it!

Check out YouTuber Sourr’s video guide for a more visual take on how to breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters.

Conclusion: Keep Trying to Breed Ghazt With Our Tips & Tricks

In this guide, we’ve shown you how to breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters, but remember that breeding Ethereal Monsters like Ghazt can be a bit challenging. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed on your first few attempts! With patience and persistence, you’ll eventually hatch that elusive Ghazt and add it to your monster collection.


Keep trying different breeding combinations until you strike the right one. Remember that Entbrat and T-Rox is our recommended combo for the best results. It’s all part of the fun journey of becoming a master monster breeder in My Singing Monsters.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with breeding Ghazt! Feel free to share your success stories, tips, or even frustrations in the comments section below. Your fellow gamers might learn something new from your insights or offer some helpful advice.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about how to breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters. Happy breeding, gamers! May the odds be ever in your favor as you strive to add this ghostly feline creature to your island’s musical ensemble.


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