How To Add Friends On Frostborn


Curious about how to add friends on Frostborn? You’re not alone. Read our latest guide to learn more about adding your friends for some online adventuring, and how to invite them into your family.

When it comes to playing most online RPGs, adventuring just goes better with friends, doesn’t it? And Frostborn is no exception!

However, many players are finding it hard to navigate around the in-game menu, and adding a friend to join you in the fray seems to be posing a significant challenge to many newcomers.

In today’s guide, we’re going to take a closer look at Families, and how to add friends on Frostborn for some truly co-op Norse survival – let’s go!

Families & How To Add Friends On Frostborn

How To Add Friends On Frostborn - A Guide By Crush The Pixel.

Adding friends in Frostborn is a great way to build settlements and explore the world with your family. And while it’s not entirely intuitive (or well introduced by Kefir), the only way to add friends or play with friends in Frostborn is through the family system.


So how do you set one up?

With the help of the Family Banner, you can join an existing one or create your own family. To make a banner, you’ll need a log and stone (which are easy to find), as well as some rope and fabric (search monsters’ dead bodies).

Once you’ve interacted with it, select “Create a Family” or “Join a Family”. If creating one, you’ve got two options – either you get paired up with strangers, or you flesh out your own roster.

On the other hand, if you’d like to join an already existing family that needs an extra member – you can use this Frostborn family search tool (or its in-game version) to find someone to play with. But be careful – don’t trust players you don’t know well with shared chests, and especially with your legendary gear.

And of course, this entire time we’re talking about adventuring with friends – so go ahead and use the plus button to invite other players (read: your friends) using their unique digital in-game ID. Them joining your new family requires sending them a request which they must accept.


And that’s pretty much it!

Once you’re all settled, and your friends accept your invitation, you can build your bases together, raid, dungeon-crawl, farm, and duke it out in PvP zones to your heart’s content. But keep in mind that if your co-op adventuring should go awry and you want to join another family, you may have to disband your own first!

Closing Thoughts

And there you have it – our detailed guide on how to add friends on Frostborn. The ability to play in a closely coordinated party opens up many possibilities for adventure; go forth and start exploring!


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