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Destiny Child Leveling Guide – Updated For 2023


Looking for a destiny child leveling guide for 2023? Read our latest post to get all the freshest tips on how to level up fast and grind through the game in the blink of an eye.

Firstly, no, Beyonce is not in this game. Think more along the lines of Yu-Gi-Oh and Vanguard but all cute girls! I’m sure that’s a big selling point for some. However, that’s not what we’re really here for in this guide. This is going to cover an efficient and effective way to level up in Destiny Child.

How To Upgrade Your Units – Ultimate Destiny Child Leveling Guide

Destiny Child Leveling Guide 2023 by Crush The Pixel.

Let’s just jump right into the meat of the subject: Methods of upgrading your units in Destiny Child. There are 3 main ways to do this. We will explain grinding, combining, and enhancing below in more detail.

Grinding Stages

Most games let you gain EXP through battles. This is no different here. Stages are basically levels in the game. There are different amounts of EXP players can get during specific periods and stages.  

However, the outcome of a battle does not affect the amount of EXP received. The same amount is given no matter the outcome or even if the player faints in battle – as long as you aren’t defeated. Stages that have an “EXP+” over top of it will provide more EXP than other stages.


Who doesn’t love a “hot weekend”? Before your mind jumps to something completely off-topic, this just means you can double your EXP on the weekends. This is a super efficient way of farming EXP.

What Fodder & Stages Provide The Most EXP?

Now that you know grinding a stage will basically give you EXP no matter what unless you’re defeated, certain stages provide more EXP than others and fodder.  

At a glance – 2-star fodder is efficient to farm and uses less stamina, you’re able to AFK farm and level up a bunch of Childs per day to use for combining EXP later, so you level up a Lot.

The best stage for farming 2-star fodder is Mission 4-6 from Chapter 2, even if you are redoing it. This is one of the more efficient stages to grind or re-grind to farm units since it doesn’t use a lot of stamina. If stamina isn’t something you’re worried about, another preferred stage is Mission 3-3 which is also from Chapter 2.

If you’re thinking of leveling up quickly, the best place for that is Mission 4-4, again, from Chapter 2. This location will give the most EXP. Not too much stamina is wasted here as well.


Combining Childs EXP

Not using childs? Don’t let them go to waste…as terrible as that sounds. Here’s that Fusion technique again. Combine their EXP with the one you’re using. If they’re the same attribute – you get a 100% bonus to the EXP your Childs gain. Sometimes you get a random bonus of 120%/150%/200% extra EXP.

Enhancement Childs

This method is, by far, one of the fastest and most efficient ways to level up. It takes the idea mentioned above and uses it to combine Enhancement Childs. Read below on how to get Enhancement Childs.

How To Get Enhancement Childs

Run the event dungeon three times daily when it’s unlocked to earn Enhancement Childs.

Another way is via questing and progressing story – you get Enhancement Child Summon Tickets which….give you enhancement Childs.

Where To Get Armor & Weapons In Destiny Child?

It’s probably hard to battle and survive without a weapon and protection, right? There are several locations where you can get both of these things in this gacha game.

Mission 6-8 In Chapter 1

If you’re looking for some easy armor fodder, this is the best location. Units can easily pick up the 3-star armor fodder dropped here.

Mission 8-5 In Chapter 1

Now to get something to fight with. Grinding here will get you rewards in the form of 3-star weapon fodder.

Mission 2-2-3 & 3-2-3 In Chapter 2

Need higher-grade weapons and armor? These locations have 4-star weapon and armor fodder you can pick up.

Mission IV4 In Chapter 2 (Wailing Black Stage 7)

Didn’t get your 4-star fodder in the previous locations? No problem. This is the last place to get 4-star weapons and armor.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for tagging along through our destiny child leveling guide. In today’s guide, we have covered the different methods on how to level up quickly and efficiently. As you can see, leveling in Destiny Child is a big deal. It’s to ensure you can handle whatever or whoever is attacking you and won’t get killed. Did we miss anything in this guide? We’d also like to hear your personal method of leveling up in Destiny Child. Please let us know in the comments below!  


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