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COD Mobile: Is It Worth Your Time? – CTP Honest Opinion


Call of Duty Mobile is a new franchise developed by TiMe Studios and Tencent Gaming. If you been gaming for as long as I’ve been, you’ve probably played most Call of duty series on the console or PC. Lately, mobile gaming has been taking a storm in popularity and now, the COD franchise is looking to capitalize on that growth.

Most old school COD players will probably be looking down upon the mobile version as some downgraded. If you’ve played FPS on mobile before, you’ll see they’re always clunky or isn’t as smooth compared to console. However, mobile technology is becoming better!

We’re seeing major advancements in that area, which includes graphical processing power and gameplay advancements that improve overall control and usability. And when it comes to COD Mobile, they’re way ahead of the game when it comes to both gameplay and controls.

So, the biggest question is: “Is COD Mobile even worth your time?”

Below, we’re going to give you a breakdown on COD Mobile and if it’s worth your time even downloading and playing. It’s avail on both android and iOS


COD Mobile Gameplay

Multiplayer: COD is known for its multiplayer; whether it’s with randoms, friends or family, you will be able to jump into COD and enjoy causing havoc on your enemies. The biggest thing I was impressed by was how similar the lobby is compared to console. They didn’t skimp on any features! You’ll be able to enjoy your Scorestreaks, Loadouts. Friend Invites and Casual and Ranked Matches.

COD Mobile Gameplay

In typical COD fashion, you’ll be able to customize your loadout before any matches and change after death. You have your primary weapon, along with 4 different attachments. You can also upgrade your weapon with XP cards, which can be purchased or obtained through creates. This worried me a bit as most of our viewers are looking for mobile games that aren’t cash-shop heavy, but that is to be expected with a mobile game. Your secondary weapon can also be upgraded and changed.

There are five loadout slots in total, each allowing you to choose a solider. Each solider can be customized with headgear, backpack, clothing, and suits. Of course, these customizable options are purchased, as well as additional characters.

There are two currency types: Credits and COD Points. Credits are used to purchase items from the store. COD points are obtained in the store and used to buy a premium pass and other items. Now, is the cash shop pay-to-win? Absolutely-Fucking-Yes.

The main issue with mobile games is its glorification on microtransactions and if consumers are paying into these mechanics, it will never stop. With COD Mobile, if you can afford EXP for your guns or purchase crates for high-tier weapons, you’ll have a distinct advantage over other players. This could mean melting an enemy armor and HP, even if they started shooting at you first.

COD Mobile: Is It Worth Your Time? - CTP Honest Opinion 2
COD Mobile: Is It Worth Your Time? - CTP Honest Opinion 4

The average loot crate cost $9.99, which is 800 CP. So, you’ll be paying a pretty penny for some of the best weapons. However, a loot crate doesn’t mean you’ll get it immediately, of course. You could be paying into the 100’s of dollars before you find your desired weapon.

There is also a battle-pass, which includes both guns and cosmetics. Premium Pass gives you an instant unlock of epic soldiers, premium tasks and COD points to cover your next pass (which is a great trade-off). The Premium Pass includes all Premium Pass Plus includes 12 advanced tiers and more epic guns. Premium costs 580 CP, while Premium Pass plus is north of 1280 CP.

Now, if you don’t mind investing some money into the game, we highly recommend you invest in at least a Premium Pass Plus since you’ll save cash instead of loot crates, which are a hit or miss option. You’ll get more bang-for-your-buck this way.

Battle Royale: Most PC gamers underestimate the power of mobile. COD shows off how well a smartphone can actually perform, even with multiple players on a single map. This game mode has many different features, including class-based skills, massive maps for exploration, teammate revival and tonnes of fighting. You can also decide to play in first-person or third-person. For a mobile game, you’re getting similar gameplay comparable to PC.

2v2 Showdown: 2v2 Showdown is a fun game mode, where you play with a partner in a 2v2 match. You can play with a friend or matchmake with a partner. Similar to your regular multiplayer mode, you choose your loadout from a category of weapons you’ve created. You’ll be deployed on a side of a warehouse and your objective is to locate and destroy the enemy.

There is a timer, so if you haven’t killed both players, a flag will appear and you’ll have to defend it for a few seconds. But, if the other team fails to defend their flag, the team with the most HP wins the game.

Zombie Mode: What would be a COD game without ZM? Enjoy your classic zombie mode solo or with your teammates. You start off with only a pistol and knife to protect yourself against a horde of zombies and other undead creatures. Standing near windows will automatically board up, as zombies try to attack your base. You can purchase weapons through certain walls around the map or through mystery boxes.

Ranked & Leaderboards: Each game mode has ranked and PVP, which is essential for any of your competitive gamers. Within ranked modes, there is seasons. Completing a season will grant you unique rewards and cosmetics based upon the rank you’re designated in. Additional rank points are granted based on the number of kills, deaths, wins, and losses you have. Depending on the rank, the performance can vary quite reasonably.


The controls in COD Mobile are exceptional, as well as its controller integration. It offers three options, which you can customize for each game mode. So, if you prefer to have different control options for Zombie instead of BR, you have that option available to you.

Simple Mode: Simple Mode makes your weapons automatically fire, without having to press a button once your crosshair hits an enemy. This is aimed at more casual or beginner players who aren’t used to mobile FPS.

Advanced Mode: With advanced mode, it enables manual firing and customization of your HUD. You can choose how you want to hold your weapon for each specific type, such as setting your shotgun to always shoot from the hip. The HUD customization is genius; you can scale the buttons overall height and width, as well as its opacity. You can pretty much move any elements you see on the screen.

Controller: If you really want to take your COD Mobile experience to the next level, you can invest into a controller, which will give you an advantage against other players. The analog will allow you to have much more control of your aim, instead of touching the screen, which can get dirty or too sensitive. Below, is a quick video of controllers for both iOS and Android!

Is It Worth Your Team?

Despite the cash shop and pay-to-win mechanics, it’s still a VERY good COD game for mobile. It has all the modes you’re looking for, including multiplayer, zombie and 2v2 showdown. If you’re a competitor, each mode has ranked gameplay, as well as control customization to optimize your performance in-game.

Once you start putting in hundreds of hours into the game, we suggest that you at least invest in a Premium Pass to get the best possible experience and stay within a competitive curve to other players. Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on critical features that will leave you behind in the dust, which includes EXP to upgrade your weapons and powerful guns.

If you’re a beginner to COD Mobile, try out simple mode to get your feeling of the game. Don’t stress yourself out too much to be good, just look to make incremental progress in your overall wins and K/D. Once you understand the basic mechanics, try out Advanced Mode and customize the HUD to your likings. This will help you become an overall better player. However, if you do find yourself playing ranked matches and investing into the store, invest into a controller to have a distinct advantage against other players.


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