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Best Survival Games For Android (2020)


Are you a survival junky and want only the best survival games for Android Well, look no further! Our team has compiled a list of android survival games that will have you on the tip of your toes. Each game is personally analyzed for its gameplay, graphics and user rated reviews. We do not list games that don’t match our requirements.

What makes the best survival games for android fun?

The ideal survival game is heart rushing and fun. The feeling of not knowing when your next enemy encounter will be or getting yourself into deep trouble from your lack of resources offers endless fear of survival – almost as if you are being trapped in a cycle of life and death.

A good survival game understands human nature and exploits it in its gameplay. Developers intentionally limit your resources to such a degree, it causes players to feel the anxiety to survive. Most people don’t understand how emotions play a large role in these types of games that makes them extremely addicting.

How survival games keep you addicted?

Dead Space is a survival horror game that I will never forget. It is filled with scary moments and unexpected encounters. It is a great mix of horror and survival, while not being overly dependent on ‘jump scares’ to create horror. You never knew what was coming but always felt as if you were always missing something, creating an impvactful survival element that I will never forget.

Scarcity plays a large role in why these types of games are so popular. It forces the player to be quick-witted and think on the fly. If the player fails to understand certain situations, they could face sudden death or even lose their character completely.


Try to remember the last time you went to the store or purchased something online and was told that there was 1 or item left, but you have until today to buy it? That fear is what drives people to take action. Survival Game developers integrate this fear, as well as other elements to keep people addicted to survive.

Below, is a list of the best survival games android:

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 2

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a survival shooter, sandbox game developed by Kefir Game. Set in a post-apocalyptic world in 2027, there was an unknown infection breakout that destroyed nearly all of the human population. As you survive, keep an eye on your character’s life, hunger, and thirst. Craft and equipment powerful weapons to slaughter hordes of zombies coming your way.

Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 4
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 6
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 8

Grim Soul: Survival

Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 10

Grim Soul is a dark fantasy survival game with a twisted and dark story. Explore the once-prosperous imperial province, now covered in deep fear and darkness. The sole objective is to survive as long as possible, build a fortress and collect resources.

There is a crafting system to create medieval-style weapons and armor from the resources you gather. As you progress, explore dungeons and fight epic bosses and undead enemies. This is a classic survival game to try out.

Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 12
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 14
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 16

Dead Island: Survivors

Dead Island: Survivors is a zombie mobile game that was on the Console and PC for a few years, with over 15 million units sold. The main difference when it comes to the mobile version is Dead Island Survivors is a tower defense, survival strategy.


Build your fortress, gather your heroes and defeat a ruthless horde of incoming zombies. Use different traps and barricades to defend your base. Use your heroes to perform unique power moves and combos to keep the zombies at bay.

Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 18
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 20

Death Road To Canada

Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 24

Death Road To Canada is one of the most challenging survival horror games for both iOS and Android. You are taking a roadmap trip to Canada, but you are not alone! Manage a group of characters to face a horde of zombies that are in your way from making it safely to Canada.

Everything from your location, in-game events, personality and skills are randomly generated. Each play through is completely different than the other, which offers 100s of additional replay hours. If you are a fan of Dragon Age – you’ll love how each event has tough decisions that affects the overall gameplaY and can mean life or death.

Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 26
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 28
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 30

FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL is a spaceship survival simulator with rogue-like gameplay. Take you and your crew on an epic galaxy adventure with challenging situations and dangerous missions that could lead to permanent death. The entire galaxy is randomly generated with each playthrough having different enemies and events.

FTL requires a strategic understanding of how to manage your crew and ship as each decision you make has a potential consequence and can positively or negatively impact your gameplay. This sense of urgency makes every action “life-threatening”. Luckily for us, there is a pause feature to think over any strategies and decisions – but you could still make the wrong one!

Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 32
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 34
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 36

Editor’s Choice: Don’t Starve

survival games editor's choice

You play as Wilson, a scientist who was trapped by a demon and sent into the wilderness. You are now left with exploring a strange, mysterious world with danger creeping around at any minute!

Once you enter the game, you have no instructions or guide to help you. You are truly left to survive. There is crafting, hunting, researching and farming to help you progress throughout your surviving journey. Each world is randomly generated if you decide to restart, each rerun won’t be the same as before.

Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 38
editor choice survival game
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 40


Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 42

Horrorfield is a multiplayer survival horror game. If you are familiar with Dead by Daylight, you will find this game to be very similar. Play as 1 of the 7 survivors in a 4v1 match against a psycho and join forces with other players to escape the base of the psychopath that is rampaging to keep you trapped until your inevitable death. Each hero has a unique role and special ability in order to survive.

Or you can be 1 of the 4 psycho’s with their own slaughter abilities. As the lone psycho, search the base to find the four survivors and go on a killing spree. There is a maniac mode that allows you to develop your own strategy for hunting the survivors. This game also features a crafting system to create and upgrade items.

Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 44
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 46


Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 48

Dead Trigger is an exciting zombie survival horror game. A lethal zombie-changing disease is plaguing the world and you have joined the global resistance to stop the infection and survive a zombie apocalypse. There are 50+ different weapons and 3 modes to choose from, including solo campaigns, global missions, and side quests.

Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 50
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 52
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 54

Top Classical Survival Games For Android

We realized that classical survival games do not get any love. Below, we featured retro-style games for the ultimate 2D survival adventure. In these games, craft weapons, kill monsters and gather resources in order to survive as long as possible. There is no hand-holding and little tutorial – so be prepared to survive with little information!

Survival Island 1&2

Survival Island is a free-to-play retro-style escape RPG. One day you decide to take a swim on the beach and suddenly a storm appears, leaving your swirling in the water for your life. You eventually land on a deserted island and have to escape in order to survive. Solve a series of challenging problems, find hidden items or collect materials to craft tools. This fun retro-style game will give you hours of survival fun.

Survival RPG 2

Survival RPG 2 is a 2D classic survival RPG. During the first game, you were eager to find luxurious treasures but ended up on a deserted island. After hours of endless adventures, you found yourself back home. As a typical adventurer, you are even more eager to explore magical artifacts in the temple ruins and decided to adventure once more!

There are different environments to explore in Survival RPG 2, including forest, jungle, and desert. There are challenging puzzles and quests by other NPC’s in the ruins. Craft and gather items, while exploring dungeons and battling epic monsters.

Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 56
Best Survival Games For Android (2020) 58

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