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Best iOS Games (2020)


Today, we give you the list of the best iOS games of 2019. These games will have you addicted and spending long hours staring at your phone. Each game was played by us and tested for its fun gameplay and

What are the Best iOS games?

Are you tired of looking through the app store and not finding much to play that is free? We got your back! In the list, we have some of the best free iOS games to date, which includes RPG, multiplayer, strategy and FPG games. We’ve listed from each category in the App Store, depending on your mood. I’m pretty bi-polar, so I bounce around between strategy and action-RPG.

We didn’t want to list games that had too many advertisements. Imagine walking into a grocery store and every time you turn around, there is someone popping up a food banner in your face every 10 seconds. Trust me, we understand it can get annoying. Also, none of the games we listed paid us to be listed.

Best games for iOS when you’re bored?

If you are bored and looking for games to pass off time, this list is the ultimate time killer. Here’s a challenge: try to play each game. I doubt you will be left bored with endless hours of gameplay. In fact, try to beat or rank in each game. It will be impossible!

But don’t worry, most of us were in the same boring predicament. The App Store has millions of apps and most of us find it hard to choose which game to play.


Here’s a little secret: I’m constantly looking forward to playing games than actually playing games, it is a weird addiction.

But don’t worry, I’ve played (including our editors) each game here to give you the best iOS games. If you have a game you want to be listed, please comment below – don’t be shy.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Best iOS games

Call of Duty: Mobile is surprisingly a fun, action-packed FPS that doesn’t fail to keep you entertained. As a typical COD game, play multiplayer maps and modes against hundreds of players online.

The modes include fast-paced 5v5 team deathmatch, class-based battle royale, and classic zombie action. You can also customize your loadout with dozens of characters, weapons, and scorestreaks. For a mobile game, you will get a ton of value comparable to a console and PC straight to your mobile device.

Stardew Valley

Best iOS Games (2020) 2

Stardew Valley is a cute, fun and intriguing RPG game. You’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm in Stardew. With only a few coins and strangers wandering around, it is your goal to maintain the farm and explore the surrounding areas.


As you progress, learn how to cook, craft and customize a variety of professions. Become apart of the local community with over 30 unique characters, each having their own dialog and daily schedule.


Best iOS Games (2020) 4

Hearthstone is an award-winning card battler, with a variety of decks and cards. You play as a hero in a fast-paced, deck-strategy that is dead simple, that anyone can understand and play within minutes. Fully unleash your card’s power by summons spells and minions. There are also missions and packs to choose from. However, there are some pay-to-win elements.

Blizzard recently launched its auto-chess game mode, called Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds is a card battle royale of 8 players fighting to build the best deck to win the entire match. Similar to any other auto chess, the main objective is to synergize your cards with similar classes and manage your economy to reduce RNG.

PUBG – Mobile

Best iOS Games (2020) 6

PUBG Mobile is an action-packed, free-to-play multiplayer. Drop-in and survive in an epic clash of 100-player battles. Find gear and make your way intense battlegrounds and large terrain.

Play solo, duo or in 4-player squads. There is also zombie mode and team deathmatch. You can also choose between FPS (First Person Shooter) or TPS (Third Person Shooter), each requiring their own strategy. For example, TPS allows players to “third party” kills and check corners easily. While FPS makes it hard to check corners and requires you to play smarter.

Alto’s Odyssey

Best iOS Games (2020) 8

Join Alto and his friends on an epic, sandboarding adventure. Explore hidden temples, canyons, dunes, and other secrets. It has a simple one-touch system, allowing you to chain together combos, without 180 goals. Explore different biomes and diverse lands, each with their own unique visuals and playstyle.

It’s a very simple, time-killing game that will have you sinking hours into its gameplay. You will enjoy the unique features and environment Alto has to offer. The graphics and sound are very calming and beautiful, you’ll simply fall in love with this masterpiece.

Dead Cells

Best iOS Games (2020) 10

You play as a failed alchemist experiment set out to explore dangerous lands in a progressive, never-ending castle. Dead Cells is a rogue-action platformer, with 2D fast-combat. Purchase from a variety of weapons and skills against ruthless minions and boss battles.

The beautiful part about this game is you will die, over and over again. Each death unlocks new levels and a learning experience to grow your skills and fight your way past the keepers. Since Dead Cells has progressive exploration, you will have endless replayability and fun.

Minecraft Earth

Best iOS Games (2020) 12

What could be more satisfying than the laid-back experience of playing Minecraft on mobile? Well, it would probably have to be Minecraft in real life. 

The highly successful game Minecraft has been delivered to mobile games worldwide in the form of augmented reality wonderland, forging a unique sandbox gaming experience in the real world.

Minecraft Earth presents a few different modes. The core gameplay focuses on a tabletop mode to build and plan your designs and a real-world AR mode that allows you to arrange your tabletop creations amid real-life scenes. This is all accompanied by an immersive exploration mode, where a map of your neighborhood turns into a Minecraft world to fight mobs and assemble resources. 

Minecraft Earth is also a multiplayer title, which might make for some exciting outdoor adventures with friends and family. All in all, we’re happy to say that Minecraft Earth is an excellent new addition to the franchise, and is a perfect way to take Minecraft with you on the go.

Sky: Children of the Light

Best iOS Games (2020) 14

Brought to you by the same development studio as Journey and Flower, Sky: Children of the Light is an aesthetically pleasing indie adventure with a social interaction element sprinkled in.

Children of light are given the capability to fly over a mythical kingdom through the help of an enchanted cape. The objective of the game is to return fallen stars to their constellations to get winged light, which heightens your ability to fly. Throughout the land of Sky, you may encounter spirits who provide cosmetic and gameplay-affecting items in exchange for the in-game currency that you’ve collected along the way. 


Sky: Children of light is heavily concentrated on its social mechanics by compensating a player for unlocking its chat system, gift system, and friend system through a progression “roadmap” of sorts. The social aspect of gameplay makes the acquirable cosmetic items loads of fun. 

Between the natural progression of the game through completing challenges, you’ll encounter a visual masterpiece accompanied by a lovely soundtrack. Sky: Children of Light deservingly holds an IOS game of the year title from Apple, and we couldn’t agree more with its accolades. In short, it’s simple, endearing, and an absolutely lovely adventure for players of all ages.

Mario Kart Tour

Best iOS Games (2020) 16

We’ve already mentioned the Mario Kart franchise as one of the best racing games for iOS and Android gamers. And this year, Nintendo has graced us with a brand new episode in this classic series! 

Being the 14th addition to the franchise and having surpassed Pokemon: Go for its number of downloads on the app store, Mario Kart Tour is definitely a game that you should keep on your radar. The gameplay and racing featured in Mario Kart Tour are easy and make for a very smooth mobile gaming experience. 

As a service to fans, the game hallmarks most of the race tracks we’ve come to know and love. Though, the tracks come with some added variations, slight tweaks, and improvements based on community feedback that Nintendo collected over the years. Unlockable characters from the Mario Kart universe and other Mario franchises are gradually being incorporated into the game, bringing lots of customizability and old-school racing fun to the table.

While many fans of the franchise were worried that the game would do away with familiar and traditional mechanics – we’re happy to say that you can expect the good old system of progressing through different cups and tournaments to be the centerpiece. 

One of the most enjoyable gameplay mechanics in Mario Kart Tour is the public cup that runs on a bi-weekly cycle, which includes your score in a public leaderboard as part of a competitive league. This leaderboard allows you to add a bit of competition into the mix with friends or even go pro and race it out against players from all around the globe.

Above all else, Nintendo has charmed us with this new Mario Kart title. Despite having some affordable “in-app purchase” content and relatively un-intrusive monetization features – we’re happy to say that it doesn’t tarnish the gameplay what so ever. Mario Kart Tour is an exceptionally fun, easy game to pick up and enjoy right from the get-go.


Donte Ennis

A former avid PC Gamer turned mobile-gaming behemoth. Follow me through my journey of playing the best mobile games the app store has to offer for both Android & iOS. I give my honest, no-bullshit review. I'll let you know if games are worth your time or simply a cash grab.

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