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Best Idle Games For Android & iOS (2019)


Are you looking for the Best Idle Games For Android & iOS? We’ve spent hours playing through nearly all of the top-rated Idle games, even the badly rated ones. Our goal is to give you nothing but the best Idle games for your tapping or lazy adventure desires.

What Are Idle Games?

Idle games have taken off in popularity, but it goes back to a 2002 classic Progress Quest, the father of incremental games. Progress Quest is a stat-driven, “player less” adventure, where you are given just a few options. Unlike a traditional RPG game, everything is randomly generated and progress is automated. The enjoyable aspect was the progression of your character and forming an emotional bond.

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In modern idle games, players are given more control over their journey. They are able to allocate skills, decide which hero to upgrade and create the party they want to join in their adventure. Incremental games (called “Idle” or “Clicker” Games) have taken over the App Store as one of the most popular game categories.

Today, we list only the top Idle games for android and iOS. Our list is updated regularly, so comment on any idles games that aren’t listed in the comment section.


Why Are Idle Games So Popular?

Idle games appeal to the casual gamer looking for quick fun and adventure. The act of being able to build an entire empire or take your heroes to slaughter thousands of endless enemies without having to spend 15-20 hours a day online just to progress.

It focuses on simplifying two core mechanics; gameplay and progression. In traditional games, you have to manually do the work yourself. Remember Oblivion or WoW Classic? The amount of grind you have to surrender yourself too? The back n’ fourth and hassle to get epic gear for PVP or boss battles?

With incremental progression and automated gameplay, your heroes, pets or workers do the job for you, so you don’t have to. Now, this may sound unappealing to traditional gamers, especially the hardcore ones.

However, once you have a work and casual life, playing games tend to take up too much of your free time. This left millions of gamers unable to keep up with the pack and become dominated by more time-orientated gamers.

Each game listed has their own mini-review of the overall mechanics and feel of the game.


The Best Idle Games For Android & iOS: Almost A Hero

best mobile idle games

Almost A Hero is one of the best Idle adventures for mobile devices. Explore the endless dungeon with a useless, ‘Almost A Hero’ idiot who just wants to be a hero.

Select between 12 different characters, with unique backgrounds, that are tired of being a loser in an epic adventure to save the world.

On your journey, explore each stage on autopilot as your party fight mods and slay bosses for you.

Equip powerful rings to grind mobs and farm for levels. You are able to participate in the grind by tapping onto mods to make farming more efficient. Eventually, you are able to unlock merchant deals to purchase auto tap and time warp to make your adventure quicker and efficient.

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To make your hero’s stronger, you are able to add artifacts to increase your party overall power and equip your hero’s with trinkets to improve damage and give special abilities.

All heroes have special abilities and categorized as Defensive or Offensive. Mix and match your units to achieve a balance between tanks and attackers.

As you progress through stages, having too much attack can be quite hard as they are squishy – whereas, having too many defensive units make grinding slower.

You can also evolve your hero’s by upgrading their items and meeting its requirements. For example, all items much are legendary in order to evolve your hero to legendary status. The max stars are 7 per hero. Evolving heroes help them survive stages more often and grind faster.

Are you looking for tower defense games? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best tower defense games for android

So far, I’ve been having a blast with Almost A Hero and will be posting a full review soon, so please come back! This game is highly recommended as a polished Idle Adventure that will have you spending hours on your smartphone.

Download For Android or iOS

Nonstop Knight

best idle game for android

Nonstop Knight is one of the top-rated Idle adventure and RPG game. Play as a Nonstop knight in an epic adventure for loot. Crawl through dungeons and defeat bosses, while climbing through the leaderboards. You will only need one thumb to play and use different skills to smash enemies at your peril.

Whether you are going to work or school, your idle hero will be hack n’ slashing away at mods and collecting gold. Upgrade your skills and equipment with gold to become stronger against the awaiting boss enemy. Complete dungeon quests to gain rewards and shop for pets to aid in your adventure.

Download For Android or iOS


Tap Titans

Best Idle Games For Android & iOS (2019) 2

Tap Titans is one of the most classic and best Idle adventure RPG game. Set out your adventure against monsters and titans looking to overrun the world and bring peace to the lands. Assemble a party of warriors to help you destroy enemies in your path.

Compared to other Idle adventure games, your party can consist of over 15 different heroes grinding through thousands of levels. Each hero has a base DPS and act as the “auto tap” allowing for offline play.

But, actively tapping through each battle is the core mechanic of Tap Titans. You need to manually tap for nearly everything, even when it comes to defeating a boss

Unlike Almost A Hero, where you can purchase items such as a time-limited Auto Tap or acquire unique artifacts to auto-level your heroes, Tap Titans doesn’t rely on those mechanics nor’ does it hold your holds.

This is truly a tap-based Idle game, that requires a bit of work on your end, but feels much more rewarding.

If you want an idle game that is challenging and feels rewarding, while still having fun – Tap Titans is definitely a go-to Idle game for any clicking or tapping addiction you have.

Download For Android or iOS

Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack

Best Idle Games For Android & iOS (2019) 4

Similar to Tap Titans, slay enemies and recruit over 30 heroes to assist you against giant, evil monsters that appeared out of nowhere to destroy the blobverse. Become the chosen blob on an epic adventure to defeat evil across the blobverse by tapping your way to victory.

Hopeless Heroes is a perfect Idle game if you want casual gameplay and beautiful graphics. The core gameplay features tapping-gameplay, that includes Skill Trees, Clans, Goop Garden and Arena.

Skill Tree has several “Idols” that you can choose from to make your heroes stronger or farming faster. With Clans, you can join other players or compete with them in arena battles. Goop Garden is a unique mechanic that allows you raise pets that you can use in-game to mutiply your damage.

The visual effects, art, and polished gameplay make this game worth your tapping glory.

Download For Android or iOS

Crush Them All

Best Idle Games For Android & iOS (2019) 6

Crush Them All is an idle adventure, mixed with RPG mechanics and classic gameplay. You start out with a giant skeleton monster who took the princess and now you set out to defeat every monster in your path in order to save her!

Collect and recruit powerful heroes on your journey by unlocking them using Premium, Silver and Legendary Chests. Each hero can be enhanced with Prisms acquired during combat to increase their HP pool, attack, and defense.

Raid bosses with your friends and collect legendary artifacts to become even more powerful. Eventually, you can join or form a guild for additional in-game benfits and special boss events.

This addictive Idle RPG may look cute and simplistic, but it features many different mechanics that requires strategy in order to progress. The most memorable moment is the music and storyline that reminds me of classic Super Mario Brothers or Baldur’s Gate, manifesting exciting nostalgia.

Download Crush Them All (Android) or (iOS)

Taptap Heroes

Best Idle Games For Android & iOS (2019) 8

TapTap Heroes is an action-packed, Idle adventure. Tap the screen to wipe out enemies in hundreds of waves before progressing further. Play both online and offline, as your heroes will fight automatically for several hours.

To summon heroes, you are offered Common Summons, Grand Summons, and Friendship Summons. Common gives basic, low-level heroes. Grand summons offer 3, 4, or 5-star units.

Each chest requires “keys” to open them, besides the friendship summons that requires hearts. You can also summon new heroes by collecting their fragments or purchase them in the market place.

Each battle is very similar to turn-based RPG as your heroes and enemy mods take a turn to attack each other. Each boss battle requires you to select the yellow “Battle” button manually and select which hero you want during the battle.

Different weapons and armor can also be added to each hero, similar to any RPG game. The blacksmith can upgrade any weapons, armor, accessories or helmets you may have acquired during your Idle adventure.

Fuse heroes into more powerful units by collecting their required cards. There is both a basic and advanced Fuse in the Creation Bag. The required cards can be found as loot in battle or chests.

For an Idle game, TapTap Hero has many different mechanics and features. As a new player, it may take some time to figure out everything, so don’t get frustrated as there is a large community surrounding the game.

The tutorial is enabled as you install the game, which is helpful in understanding the basic game mechanics. You can also join a guild to meet other helpful players.

Download Android or iOS

The Best RPG-Based Clicker Game: Idle Hero

Best Idle Games For Android & iOS (2019) 10

Now you may be wondering, TapTap hero looks exceptionally good and deserves the best RPG-Based idle title. But hold your horses!

Idle Hero would be the god-father to TapTap hero, which inspired this genre of vast RPG elements with turn-based auto-battle. Also, considering it has made 100 million in a year, which is a testament to its wide popularity.

In Idle hero, choose between 200 heroes with unique abilities. Grow and train them to more powerful heroes or convert them into spirit material. Spirit material are used to power level your hero and obtained by completing quests, winning arena or idle farming Visit this great guide to learn more: Level Skip

This mobile game has a ton of content to have you coming back for more. There are over 10 different buildings, which includes a blacksmith, arena, trials, dungeons, and marketplace. Playing through, you’d feel as if you were playing an MMORPG with the amount of RPG mechanics that you can spend hours dwelling on.

There are items, treasures, and artifacts to upgrade your hero and become increasingly stronger. Test your power in a worldwide arena and climb the leaderboards for increased e-peen.

Download For Android or iOS

Idle Miner Tycoon

Best Idle Games For Android & iOS (2019) 12

Build a Miner empire by managing your own mine, while acquiring idle gold and profits. Develop your mining strategies by hiring shift managers, and leveling your buildings to increase mine and gold production. There are four main features; Managers, Skills, Chests, and Prestige.

Managers automate your mining progress. Skills help you improve your mining with an extensive skill tree. Chests give you production rewards and cosmetics for your miners. Prestige upgrades your miners, each having 5 levels.

In the start of the game, you start off in a coal mine and have to manually tap onto your miners to get them to produce. But, as you grow your mining production and strategically hire managers, the cash will start flowing!

Idle Miner is extremely addicting and fun, but it does require strategy. Deciding which manager to hire, where to use your boosts and how to invest your gold can help speed up your production and avoid any lag.

Download Idle Hero Android or iOS


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