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Best Apple Arcade Games (2020)


We love Apple Arcade and we are sure you do too! We’ve spent the time to play and list the best Apple Arcade games to download and play today! In the list, we have played every game and read hundreds of user reviews.

Apple Arcade is a subscription-based service by Apple, which will give you access to hundreds of games without loot boxes, item shop or any other cash grab. This is a great direction for mobile games since it has been notorious for aggressive monetization and terrible user-experience.

Apple Arcade intends to wipe these monetization schemes by offering subscriptions and investing in each game. Apple has reportedly spend a half a million to partner with developers and launch Apple Arcade. Therefore, you are getting exclusive games that you will not find anywhere else!

Best Apple Arcade Games:

Oceanhorn 2

Best Apple Arcade Games

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is an action-packed RPG adventure. Set out on your journey as a young knight, thousands of years before the events of the first sequel. Face difficult challenges, evil monsters, and epic bosses to become a hero of Arcadia.

The gameplay is simple and fun; quests are marked on the map for easy navigation and an in-game tutorial to help you understand basic attacks and defense.


The graphics are what set Oceanhorn 2 from the rest of Apple Arcade games; it is absolutely beautiful and stunning for a mobile game. You will find yourself admiring the scenery, just as much as the story and gameplay.


Best Apple Arcade Games (2020) 30

For any of you looking for a classic turn-based RPG with deck building and a good storyline, this might be the game for you! Spelldrifter is a tactical RPG with puzzle-like positioning and in-depth strategy to keep you on your heals.

Combine and collect hundreds of cards for 4 different heroes, with their own unique card strategy and design for deep customization and combat. Every character has a timeline to choose their cards in their deck. Understanding which enemies goes first and when it is your time, can help you gain an advantage and position yourself correclty in certain situations.

You will find yourself having to swap out a variety of cards to have an advantage against your enemies on certain levels as boss battles spawn high damage enemies. The AI in the game is surprisingly intelligent and adds even more challenges to the gameplay.


Best Apple Arcade Games (2020) 32

Grindstone is a sword-slashing, creep crushing puzzle game. Take your powerful blade and shield and kill the creeps in your way within the Grindstone’s dungeon. Face bosses and discover blueprints for gear and weapons. There are over 150 levels and tons of foes to slay!


The game is fun and addicting; it is all about color-matching creeps and watching your hero slaughter. As you progress through each stage, creeps become harder to deal with as they attack your hero. Occasionally, chests will spawn by creeps and you have to make a tough decision. If you are greedy, it could cost you the game!

King’s League II

Best Apple Arcade Games (2020) 34

King’s League II is a fun time-killing strategy game. Recruit up to 5 hero’s to battle for you in a competitive league. It has idle and incremental gameplay where every battle is semi-automated, but you are able to select between your hero’s abilities.

Most of your job is to manage your team, buy gear and weapons to increase your chance of winning league battles. There are 30 different classes, each having their own unique abilities and traits. You can mix and match classes to suit your playstyle.

Each character can be trained each day before the battle to upgrade their stats, such as energy, strength, and intelligence. There is also a dungeon to acquire gear and a variety of missions to gain reputation in local areas.

Red Reign

Best Apple Arcade Games (2020) 36

Red Reign is a unique tower defense game published by Ninja Kiwi known for Bloons TD. Secure your base, capture territory and defeat your opponents in this fast-paced TD battle. Choose to play as a human or orc, each having their own playstyle and classes.

In order to grow your stronghold, managing resources is crucial. Simply click and hold to produce more gold and wood to grow your base in order to recruit different units. Each base can be upgraded to unlock more powerful classes and heroes.

Select between three lanes to send your units in order to capture territory and pressure your opponents. This will help you gain more gold and expand quicker. If you over-expand, you will spread yourself thin and find it hard to re-capture any lost territory.

Lego Brawls

Best Apple Arcade Games (2020) 38

Lego Brawls is an online PVP lego-brawler. It is vastly compared to Super Smash Bros for its similarities in its gameplay. Create and design your own lego brawler with team action-combat.

Customize your lego-hero appearance with over 100 different options and layouts. Party or Join up with other players and battle to capture and control Lego levels in different arena’s.

The graphics and gameplay are what you expect for a lego game; cute, fun and exciting. Don’t take our word for it – try it out yourselves!


Best Apple Arcade Games (2020) 40

Earthnight is a unique, strange and beautiful auto-runner. Play as Stanley or Sydney to defeat the dragon apocalypse that has taken over the earth and skydive your way back through the atmosphere, while maneuvering around enemies and obstacles.

Jump and dash on the back of dragons; use two halves of the screen to slow down while running, fall faster or double jump. As you fall through the earth’s atmosphere, the creeps on the dragon’s back get tougher and more challenging.

Each dragon back has its own unique world that is procedurally generated. Therefore, each run is different, no matter how many times you play. I find myself at awe at how beautifully crafted and challenging the game is. You will end up dying, a lot!


Best Apple Arcade Games (2020) 42

Shinsekai is a survival underwater exploration game. Explore the deep ocean, manage your oxygen, maintain your suit pressure and defeat monsters as you are forced to take refugee underwater as a lone aquanaut. The entire land is covered with ice, forcing you to survive and pay attention to your surroundings. As you go deeper, explore mysterious creatures and discover what’s undersea.


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