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Top Anime Games For Android & iOS (2019)


Are you looking for the best anime games for android & iOS? We’ve compiled some of the best anime strategy, RPG and turned-based games that the App Store can provide. We don’t add any games, but we check for their quality of gameplay and reviews.

Why Anime Games Are So Fun

I remember when growing up, the first anime games I’ve played were Dragonball Z, Maplestory, Mabinogi, and Eden Eternal. I’ve had fun with these anime games due to their unique graphics and gameplay.

Back then, I didn’t have a great computer, so anime games were my go-to when it came to gaming. These types of games always give me a sense of a close-knit community of friends and creating a great relationship with people. I will always have the nostalgia of the guild raids and boss battles, with the stylish and cool cosmetics that would make you look like a badass.

Now with mobile gaming, we can enjoy anime wherever we go from our smartphones. We are able to explore different worlds, battle other players, and grind for epic gear. There are hundreds of anime games in the iOS and android store to choose from. Therefore, we reviewed each one closely for quality and gaemplay.

Today, I’ve listed out the best anime games that will be updated on a weekly to monthly basis. Please comment below of any other game you want to be added.


Top Action-Packed Anime Games:

In the list below, we’ve compiled only the best action-packed anime games for iOS and Android devices. These games are filled with PVP fun, epic boss battles, and stellar gameplay mechanics. Each game was analyzed for both the casual and hardcore gamer looking for action-packed fun and adventure.

BLEACH Brave Souls

bleach brave souls

Bleach Brave Souls is a fast-paced, hack n’ slash RPG developed and published by KLab Global. In your adventure, follow the Bleach storyline from the moment Kurosaki and Rukia first met, with different side stories and quests. Unlock and play a variety of Bleach characters, each having its own unique abilities and playstyle.

Bleach Brave Souls offer three different gameplay modes; Sole Play (PVE), Brave Battles (PVP) and Co-op.

Sole Play has 13 parts and 367 chapters. You can play each part in normal or hard mode. As you progress, there are events such a nightmare mode, which reward players with Summon tickets and only available once a month. There are other events, such as Frenzy and Lottery – each giving its own reward to keep you coming back for more!

Brave Battles pins 3 players to go against AI-controlled teams created by their opponents. This mode is about team crafting and composition building in order to win each battle to counter opposing units. In Co-op, you can play with friends or family. As the host, you can bonuses such as fusion trials and raids for additional rewards.


Bleach Battles Soul is a well-designed anime RPG game – we highly recommend it for any action-orientated gamer who wants in-depth RPG mechanics. This is not yoru ordinary game.

If you are interested in Bleach Brave Souls, please visit this Reddit Guide for more information/ The community is active and helpful!

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Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

dragonball z dokkan battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is one of the most popular anime games for android and iOS, harnessing over 300 million downloads and grossed 1.6 billion worldwide in revenue. Dokkan Battle is a Free-To-Play mobile game originally released in Japan in 2015 and continues to recieve regular updates and content.

The game is a deck-building, collectible game with a puzzle-based combat system. If you played Candy Crush, you will see its similarities. There are over 300 different cards to collect and use in the battle against your enemies.

Similar to any other Dragonball Z game, it features quests and storyline events to immerse yourself in the story. DBZ is known for having intense stories and battles. This game doesn’t hold back and gives us nothing but classic stories and DBZ action.

Quests have over 27 replayable areas to defeat enemies and bosses while farming for EXP. Storyline events are battles that take place in the DBZ world that can unlock additional characters and other rewards. There are much more features that make Dokkan Battle an action-packed DBZ game and guides available to assist you along the way.

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Blade & Wings

Top Anime Games For Android & iOS (2019) 2

Blade & Wings is an anime-MMORPG for android and iOS. It is an open-world game with 3 playable characters and action-orientated combat. Choose from a Gunner, Berserker, and Assassin to defeat epic bosses and other players in PVP battles.

Typical to most MMORPG’s, there are many different quests and tasks to level your character through chapters. Each chapter has a unique location with new missions and challenges. If you are a PVP player such as myself, join in with your guild and challenge other players from different servers in the arena and World Boss.

Now, the combat is pretty simple – nothing too groundbreaking. But, if you are looking for an adventure to meet some new friends without having to sit-down by a PC, this game will deliver on that promise. It also has auto features for any lazy-leveling when you are busy with personal life. Therefore, making it easy to come back to for catchup.

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Fantasy Legend: War of Contract

Top Anime Games For Android & iOS (2019) 4

Are you a fan of Final Fantasy? Well, this maybe your new favorite. Fantasy Legend is a action-packed turn-based strategy game. Take control of epic heroes (known as Spirits) and defeat a variety of monsters and bosses.

Each Spirita has four elements; Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. You can summon Spiritas through contract envoy and collect their pieces in story mode.

There are four chapters in Fantasy Legend, filled with adventure and fantasy. The story mode has both a normal and hard mode to keep things challenging. There is multiplayer and a real-time PVP system.


In PVP, set up your line up for defense and attack for honor ranking in contract war and arena. There is also cross-server guild battles, epedittions, endless battles, and much more.

The graphics are beautiful, with amazing sceneries and animation. The combat is simple and easy-to-understand. I recommend this game for any casual gamers looking for a quick adventure and tactical strategy. Get ready to summon your Spiritas!

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Dragon Ball Legends

Top Anime Games For Android & iOS (2019) 6

Dragon Ball Legend, similar to Dokken Battles, is an action-packed deck battling game for iOS and Android. Despite their striking similarities, DB Legend has different gameplay mechanics.

DBZ Legends have more of a hands-on combat system that keeps players engaged in action. As a player, you can assemble a team of powerful DBZ characters and can switch between them during combat.

During the battle, you can dodge attacks by swiping left and right and perform basic attacks by tapping on the screen. Each dodge uses Vanishing Gauge, so you can to be strategic during gameplay. You can perform more powerful attacks with your deck of cards, that uses KI each time they are selected.

Each character on the field has a unique main ability that fills up automatically called an Ultimate. Ultimates are powerful attacks that can instantly KO your enemies. There are also counters in between battles, where if your opponent selects a different card than you, a huge amount of damage can be inflicted upon them.

In DB Legends, there are three main modes to choose from. Story, Missions and Adventure. You can also PVP other players.

Missions are in-game challenges and objectives that are completed by progressing through the game that rewardsZ Power and Chrono Crystals to help you acquire additional characters and limit break their power.

Adventure is automated missions where you send a character from your roster on special in-game objectives in order to complete each mission. Additional adventures are unlocked by participating in PVP.

PVP is very similar to AI matches, but against other players. In order to win, you have to learn how to properly dodge and perform attacks and when to use your Ki. There are also powerful combos that can overwhelm your opponent.

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Epic Summoners: Hero Legends

Top Anime Games For Android & iOS (2019) 8

Are you looking for an easy adventure, with idle mechanics? Epic Summons is an idle game for android and iOS, where players summon heroes to fight for them in an auto-battle adventure for casual and hardcore gamers.

In-game, there are 8 different buildings that gives you the ability to purchase equipment for your heroes, complete various tasks, or harvest heroes for dark souls. You can also join a guild and enter into PVP ranking against other players.

There are 61 different heroes to choose from, each having their own skills that can be unlocked through upgrading them by tiers. Each tier that you unlocked for your hero, the more skills it will acquire and powerful it becomes.

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ONE PIECE Bounty Rush:

Top Anime Games For Android & iOS (2019) 10

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush is a 4v4 online battle game where you capture, control and defend treasure on the map against other players. Each match lasts up to 3-minutes long, only if the team captures all of the flags. 4v4 mode is called League Battles; as you win consecutively, you gain League Scores to rank up and play against stronger players and win seasonal rewards.

There are three different types of character classes; attacker, defender, and runners. Attackers are the most used in combat due to their high damage and KO abilities.

Defenders act as a tank for your team treasure area and absorb as much damage as possible against the enemy team. Runners are well suited for capturing enemy flags as quickly as possible and avoids conflict with their swift movement.

In team battles, there is a boost that activates as you capture treasure and strengths your entire team for a limited time. This is a very helpful mechanic as it can lead to comebacks and KO victories, especially if your team started off horribly.

There are over 30+ characters to choose from from the ONE PUNCH universe. Before each battle, choose a party between two characters. If one of your main characters get KO’d during battle, another party member can summon itself into battle. Characters can also be leveled with EXP Orbs, which are obtain through league battles.

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