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Best Android Puzzle Games (2020)


Are you bored and looking for a puzzle game to go along with your day? We’ve compiled a list of the best android puzzle games to help you ease time and get on with your day. Our list comes complete with mind-bending, strange and strategic puzzle games, that will take hundreds of hours of your free time and have your mind puzzled.

What makes puzzle games so popular?

Puzzle games are simple to play and can give you countless hours of gameplay. They work on a degree of skill, such as logical and creative thinking, problem-solving and spital recognition. With smartphones, you’re presented with thousands of mobile puzzle games that take a few seconds to download, install and play. These games are taking over children and adult hearts every day!

What are the most popular puzzle games for mobile?

Below, we’ve detailed the most popular puzzle games for mobile. We’ve listed some creative titles with colorful graphics to highly-competitive puzzles that will have your mindbending. Our list is updated monthly, so check back for more games!

Tiny Bubbles

Best Android Puzzle Games

A game mainly for relaxing, set in a world of tiny, gloomy bubbles that is unique and fun. When playing, your goal is to fit four same-colored bubbles, which will eventually pop from color mixing, gaining your bonus point and even more if you create a chain reaction. If you enjoyed playing with bubbles as a kid, you’ll notice it has similar mechanics as each tiny bubble interacts with each other on your screen.

A Way To Slay

Best Android Puzzle Games (2020) 76

A Way To Slay is a fighting and extremely bloody puzzle game that needs strategic play and tactics for you to win each battle. You’ll face entire groups of enemies, such as mercenaries, pirates, orcs, and knights. There are many different kinds of weapons and characters; wield a powerful two-handed sword or a long, scythe to slay your enemies. As you play through, the waves of enemies grow extremely fast. You’ll find yourself fighting two enemies to eventually over a dozen.


Does Not Commute

Best Android Puzzle Games (2020) 78

Does Not Commute is a strategic driving game. It starts out as a normal commute in a small town in the 1970s and you eventually get clogged by unnecessary traffic chaos. You’ll encounter trucks, cars, school buses and dozen of other vehicles. This game is creative and fun, with so many different components, especially at higher difficulties. The physics is interesting and a blast to play through with a world filled with plenty of characters and secrets.

RGB Express

RGB Express is a unique and simple puzzle game. You’re in charge of truck drivers and have to deliver essential goods. Draw routes for your drivers for an easy commute and make sure each house receives its correct package. There are plenty of 400+ levels and map variety to leave you with a challenging strategy game with easy to understand gameplay for any age.

Turn It On! Free

Turn it On! is another fun strategy game. You will use different buttons, switches, knobs and handles to recognize the machine behavior and unlock the puzzle. It’s a very simple game but offers enough challenge for any puzzle lovers. You can also compete for badges by completing more solutions.

Dungeon Cards

Dungeon Cards is a pleasant combination of puzzles, card games, and classical dungeon-crawler (with rogue-gameplay). Each movement of your card creates a unique, challenging and interesting situation, creating a puzzle that requires you to think on the fly and solve. As you move your character card, you’ll have to move onto your neighboring card to move it. Enemy and trap cards will decrease your overall card health, but you can boost it will healing cards as well.

Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

Best Android Puzzle Games (2020) 98

Dissolve yourself in a fun and challenging physics puzzle game to stimulate your brain! Draw shapes in dozens of puzzles, which can be solved in multiple ways. You can also compare your puzzle to your friends! All levels can be unlocked by earning stars from previous levels, you can also find a community-driven level creator, which are all free.


Brain Dots

Best Android Puzzle Games (2020) 100

This is a very simple puzzle game. Simply draw and bump to clear each stage. It requires creative thinking to draw the lines and shapes in a manner to get the balls to bump. It can be quite difficult as you progress through each stage and you may find yourself wanting to play more and more. You start off with a simple pencil and move on to colored crayons, etc. You can collect 25+ different pens, with different shapes and sizes.

Brain Wars

Best Android Puzzle Games (2020) 102

Want to increase your brainpower? or improve your strategic thinking? With Brain Wars, experience tough battles that will keep you on your feet against highly-rated players who are extremely good at puzzles. Compete in Sudoku, Crosswords and other challenging puzzle games. Outsource your opponent to win and climb the world rankings.


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