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The Best Android Games (2019)


Looking for a fun new game to play on your android phone? In 2019, mobile gaming is taking off with several hot new android games hitting the market soon. Here at Crush The Pixel, we’ve rounded up the best of the best for you ahead of time. As new games come out we review them on the spot. That you always have the most up to date list of the best android games available in the Google Play Store.

What is the best genre of android games?

With so many fun action packed games available on Google Play Store and from individual developers, we decided to remain impartial to the ebb and flow of genre popularity. In this list you will find the absolute best rated android games of all kinds, ranging from idle games and platformers all the way up to engaging shooters and massively multiplayer online role playing games.

PUBG Mobile

Watch the PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds Mobile trailer on YouTube

While PUBG isn’t necessarily a “new kid on the block” it still reigns true as one of the top games to be played on Android. This game pits you in a massive clash for survival against 99 other players on Erangel Island.

Scavenge weapons, armor and supplies to kill your way to the top and stay alive. In this battle royale style shooter it’s kill or be killed and players need to hone good reflexes alongside developing a deep sense of strategy.

As a game originally built for the PC, that was ported to android and iOS, the controls are a little odd to get used to but pretty intuitive after a few rounds in game. Overall PUBG has a lot to offer to players of all skill levels and interest groups and we definitely recommend it as one of the top games available on the android play store.


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Fortnite Mobile
Watch the Fortnite Android Beta trailer on YouTube

How can we write about the best android games of the year without talking about the most popular game in the world – Fortnite. Finally available on mobile platforms like Android, Fortnite (the king of the battle royale genre) has been taking the mobile gaming scene by storm.

Unlike most other games in this list, Fortnite features a unique mix of action packed combat and creative elements like building construction alongside intense strategy to create an amazing action packed experience tailored for the android phone gamer.

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Stardew Valley

Watch the Stardew Valley Mobile trailer on YouTube

If you love games like Maple Story, Harvest Moon and the whole genre of 16-bit 2.5D RPG games that so many of us grew up on – Stardew valley is a trip down memory lane.


This fun filled open ended RPG has you take over your family farm in Pelican Town to get away from the bustling city. Manage your characters energy and time as you rebuild the dilapidated farm and explore the peaceful world around you.

Get to know the locals, get married, start a family and expand your farm as you discover just how much the rich world of Stardew Valley has to offer.

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Graveyard Keeper

Watch the Graveyard Keeper trailer on YouTube

Are you in love with management sim games? Well, if you add a sprinkle of dark humor – you’ve got Graveyard Keeper.

This fun android game beautifully combines a bright and colorful style of art and an open in-game word with a pretty grim setting. You play the role of a gravedigger who will do what he can to keep the business booming.

The best part? The open world game style lets you take practically any direction you want. Get creative and poison some townsfolk to drive new business, or burn a few witches at the stake, in Graveyard Keeper you can do it all.

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Watch the Oddmar trailer on YouTube

Who doesn’t love stunning indie platformers? Combine a quirky character setting with a beautiful animation and engaging sequences – well you wouldn’t even get halfway to how awesome of a game Oddmar is.

As the player, you take on the role of a viking who after being exiled is granted magical powers and goes on a journey to redeem himself in front of his village.

Bounce your way through hordes of enemies, solve puzzles, trip out in Valhalla challenges and enjoy the deep enthralling story that this game has to offer.

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Brawl Stars

Watch the Brawl Stars trailer on YouTube

This cartoony MOBA combines some brightly colored cute graphics with a vast gamplay variety and excellent MOBA mechanics to make one of the best android games.

Brawl Stars allow you to play through 6 game modes focused on various gameplay objectives in a team vs team setting. This game has a lot to offer to players of all skill levels and gaming interests.

Collect cards, open loot crates, brawl it out in the arena and rise to the top of the Brawl Stars universe with your teammates.

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Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Watch the Battle Chasers: Nightwar trailer on YouTube

We just couldn’t put together a list of the best android games without including this mesmerizing JRPG. If you’re looking for a game that would provide for the best mobile RPG experience of a lifetime – this is it!

Explore dungeons, find amazing loot, take down overwhelming bosses, fish, craft, quest and explore your way through the vast world of Battle Chasers: Nightwar. And if that’s exciting – just wait until you dive into the story.

This awesome android RPG features an engaging story-line, based on a comic by Joe Madureira. The story features a young girl named Gully who is accompanied by the Knowlan, Calibretto and Garrison mage, war golem and paladin trio, on her quest to find her missing father – the famous hero Aramus.

Follow Gully and the gang on their adventures in the feature rich world of Battle Chasers: Nightwar

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Want to find more of the best android games to play in 2019?

While this is our definitive list of the top android games to be playing in 2019, we’ve reviewed hundreds of games this year and while some of them didn’t quite make this list – they still offer an amazing experience and can definitely stand at the top for some gamers. If you want to find more good android games, check out our other articles where we review the best titles in each genre of games available for android devices on the Google Playstore.

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