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Best Android Adventure Games (2020)


Best Story Adventure Games

Below, are our top story adventure games. Take your mobile gaming experience to the next level with amazing storytelling, mystery, and adventure. These games will have you spending hours finding riddles or deciding your own ending.

Lucid Dream Adventure

Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 118

If you’re looking for a mysterious adventure game, that has point and click, here you have it! Lucid Dream Adventure is a classic click game, filled with puzzles, riddles, and plot twists. The story is absolutely amazing with dark intrigue and dream interpretations. The free game comes with free chapters and mini-games, to help you get a feel of the gameplay and story. It has countless secrets and an addictive story mode, which will take you hours to complete.

  • Story mode filled with secrets and riddles
  • Point-and-click adventure
  • Beautiful graphics and addictive stories
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 120
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 122

MazM: Jekyll and Hyde

Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 124

This game is about the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It’s an adventure story, filled with enjoyable content and movie-caliber storytelling. The origins of the story go back to 1886, a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. Experience this mystery-novel through the eyes of Mr. Utterson, a lawyer chasing Mr. Hyde. See how the story plays out and the overall psychology of each character.

  • Based on a novel in 1886 by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Mysterious and puzzling storyline
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 126
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 128

7Days! : Decide your story

Seven Days is a text-based, mystery adventure game for all ages. The gameplay is very simple; you’ll receive a series of chats and stories. You read through the story and make important decisions, which determines the direction you take within the game. Every choice you make changes up the story, giving you new and refreshing endings, even smaller choices can alter relationships and allies at critical moments.

  • Every choice and decision matters
  • Simple gameplay for all ages
  • A good storyline to keep you engaged

her tears were my light

This game is a heart-felt, story-driven adventure based on a visual novel created by NanoReno. It’s a love story about Yuri, wrapped around time and space. With time, you can move forward and backward, even warping moments to save points. You can use these points to save Yuri from feeling lonely. It has 3 endings and 12-different languages. The reviews rave about the storyline and character development.

  • A heartfelt story with great character development
  • 3 unique endings to the main story
  • 12-different languages

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