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Best Android Adventure Games (2020)


Are you ready for the best android adventure games? We’ve compiled a list to help you find the best mobile games to spend your spare time and have an epic adventure, slaying monsters, exploring dungeons or solving puzzles and solving mysterious stories.


Best Android Adventure Games

Oceanhorn is a fun RPG adventure game. Explore the islands of the Uncharted Seas, with many different monsters, dungeons, puzzles, and secrets. Learn to use your sword and shield, as well as powerful magic. There are over 15 hours of story-driven gameplay and an amazing soundtrack from the best music composers.

  • 15+ hours of story-driven gameplay
  • Many different dungeons, monsters, and puzzles
  • Beautiful and cute graphics
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 118
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 120

Voletarium: Sky Explorers

Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 122

Design your own flying ship and explore foreign countries at extreme heights. It’s your job to collect different parts and experiment with wing boosters and bodies, so you can improve your flying machine and face different challenges. You can also compete with other members of the adventure club. This game is very creative; the world is beautiful and has many unique features to be worth your gaming time

  • Design your own flying machine
  • Explore vast lands with beautiful scenery
  • Improve your flying machine with upgrades
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 124
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 126

The Silent Age

Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 128

The Silent Age is an adventurous game, where the setting is in a dystopian future, where humankind as gone extinct. It’s based in the 1970s, where you are haunted by silence. This point-and-click game will keep you on your toes with mind-bending puzzles and riddles. It has a great story and overall design, it doesn’t require too much thinking in order to play.

  • Point-and-click gameplay
  • Based on the iconic 1970s
  • Great story and gameplay
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 130
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 132


Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 134

This game at first may not look like much, but it is a great adventure game with over 10-hours of gameplay. Discover the beautiful world of Nihilumbra and join born trying to escape his curse. Born was created as absolute nothingness; called The Void. He uses the colors around him to gain power and transform the world.

  • 10+ hours of gameplay
  • Play up to world two (for free)
  • Change the world psychics using the colors
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 136
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 138


Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 140

Ankora is a fun adventure explorer mobile game with cute graphics and gameplay. You play as Mûn, an explorer of Interstellar Patrol Team 5. Eventually, you suffer a serious accident on the planet Ankora, filled with dangerous monsters and traps. But, Mûn is a brave explorer and will set out on an adventure without any fear.

  • A huge world divided into 144 quadrants
  • Great graphics and unique gameplay
  • Resource-building and crafting
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 142
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 144


Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 146

Oddmar is a fun, exciting adventure game about a Viking named Oddmar struggling with life in his village. He was eventually barred by his fellow villagers and now he sets out to prove them wrong. This is one of the most highly-rated games in the app store and we know why! It’s a beautiful side-scrolling action game, where you wield powerful weapons and fight through epic monsters and bosses. It has stunning graphical details, beautiful music and a great storyline to get you instantly hooked.

  • Epic Viking adventure game
  • 24+ levels of physics-based puzzles
  • Beautiful music and graphics
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 148
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 150

True Fear: Forsaken Souls

Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 152

This game is a horror adventure, that will have you on the edge of your feet. Filled with mystery, you set out to find your sister and the dark secrets of your mother’s death, while also escaping the darkness. You’ll have to investigate thoroughly and visit abandoned locations. There are over 20 different puzzles and 25+ cutscenes, giving you the horror adventure you’ve always wanted. You can also play Act I for free!

  • Solve 20+ puzzles with over 25+ cutscenes
  • Hundreds of different diaries and notes
  • Over 40 different achievements.
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 154
Best Android Adventure Games (2020) 156

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