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Apple Arcade: Featured Game – Mini Motorways​

Apple Arcade: Featured Game - Mini Motorways​ 22

Mini Motorways is an addicting puzzle game, where you build up your metropolis city by managing its roads and intersections as cars pass through to its destination. This beautiful game will have your mind-bending as you draw roads and bridges in an attempt to keep traffic smooth and congestion at bay.

Each mini-car has its own color, mini-garage, and designated Warehouse – corresponding with its own color. The mini-car job is to reach its destination, ping the warehouse and drive back to its mini-garage. Each garage has two mini-cars and will spawn randomly on the map, including other different color buildings and mini-cars.

For example, If a mini-car is “Red”, each car will attempt to reach the “Red” destination. As each day passes, buildings of different colors will randomly spawn on the map and it is your job to manage the flow of traffic. If a mini-car is unable to reach its destination fast enough to ping the building, you lose.

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There are 6 different maps; LA, Bejing, Tokyo, Dar es Salaam, Moscow, and Munich. Each map has its own size and layer of difficulty. Certain maps may have muitple rivers or bigger land area, each requiring a different strategy.

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You start the game with two resources; 25 roads and a bridge. Roads are a important resource, so you want to build up your roads wisely or you will find yourself with a bunch of mini-cars unable to reach its destination.


Every Sunday, you are given additional resources; 25 extra roads and an option to choose between two items. The items may include 25 additional roads, Motor Highway. Bridge, or Traffic Lights.

Motor highways are a great way to provide your mini-cars with a faster means of travel, especially if you they are long-distance to its warehouse. They are extremely important late game as mini-cars begin to spawn at random locations.

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Traffic Lights are mean to ease congestions, but currently an almost-useless mechanic. It only makes your mini-cars more congested and unable to reach its destination and back to the house. The best way is to fix it yourself by improving the roads.

Bridges are great to provide transportation across the river. Occasionally, the game will troll you with random spawns across the river and if you do not have an extra bridge or two, then you are screwed until Sunday.

Each map has its own leaderboard of other players based on how many mini-cars commute to its destination successfully and pinged the building. You can also earn achievements based upon how many points you’ve earned.

Apple Arcade: Featured Game - Mini Motorways​ 30

Mini Motorways accidentally became my go-to meditation app

Mini Morotways music is pleasant and calming. It is very difficult to “Tilt” during gameplay. Dinosaur Polo Club did a beautiful job with their selection of music as it goes well with the simple, yet challenging gameplay

Now, this doesn’t make Mini Motorways boring. It is an extremely fun and addicting game. You will find yourself coming back to this app on multiple occasions while trying to work or studying for school. So don’t get too distracted!


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