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10 Best Pokemon In Pokemon GO


Today, we give you a list of the Best Pokemon In Pokemon GO. Pokemon Go is still one of the most popular mobile games in iOS and Android, boasting millions of players online. With new champions and game modes, you need to know which Pokemon is the strongest, so you can dominate other players and rank up.

Best Pokemon In Pokemon GO

1. Mewtwo

Best Pokemon In Pokemon GO

Mewtwo lives up to his legendary name in Pokemon GO, just as you’d expect. This psychic Pokemon can get up to a 4178 Max CP if you’ve leveled up high enough. His defensive and stamina ratings are not ideal, but it makes sense when you look at how dominant he is on the attack. If the game creators had released a Mewtwo with defensive and stamina ratings like those he has on offense, he would have been far too overpowering for the game. 

Mewtwo is by far the best of the Psychic attackers, and he’s up near the top of a few other categories as well. Ice Beam makes him the most potent Ice-type attacker, Thunderbolt puts him in the top tier of Electric attackers, while Flamethrower gives Mewtwo yet another alternative weapon, though not as powerful as the others unless there are clear skies. These three moves are impressive on their own, and we haven’t even gotten to Mewtwo’s Psychic attacks.

Mewtwo also has excellent bulk, topping the Psychic category in that as well, but it’s those insane Psychic attacks that truly make Mewtwo the best all-around attacker in Pokemon GO. Pyscho Cut and Confusion are two of his most basic moves, and if you’re playing Legacy, combining either of them with Shadow Ball can do some severe damage.

The return of Mewtwo’s Psystrike move has been a welcome one for those Mewtwo owners out there because pairing that with Confusion results in the highest DPS for a pure Psychic moveset in the game. The versatility and the massive CP and attack numbers have once again made Mewtwo far and away the top dog in the Pokemon GO world, whether playing PvE (player vs. environment) or PvP (player vs. player).


2. Rayquaza

10 Best Pokemon In Pokemon GO 30

The King of the Dragons and master of Kyogre and Groudon, Rayquaza, has some of the massive attack stats available in Pokemon GO. Boasting a 3835 Max CP, this legendary Pokemon is tremendous both with dragon moves, as well as when it takes to the air to use its considerable flying powers: Rayquaza reigns supreme as the top attacker in both the Dragon and Flying categories.

Rayquaza can deal quite a blow, but he’s something of a glass cannon. This ancient dragon’s low stamina and defense stats mean that he works best as part of a team where he can be swapped out, or as the cleaner to come in and finish off an opponent. 

Rayquaza has some issues with Fairy, Dragon, and Rock moves, but it’s Ice that can really give him fits. Luckily, apart from Mamoswine, there aren’t very many high-level Ice-types, so the issue doesn’t often come up. 

When attacking in PvP with Rayquaza, you really can’t miss with Dragon Tail. The move deals 3 DPT (Damage Per Turn) to go with 3.33 EPT (Energy Per Turn). Whether it’s PvP or PvE, Dragon Tail always goes down smooth when paired with Outrage, a duo that allows for comprehensive, neutral coverage, quick charging, and top-notch damage numbers. 

Air Slash, meanwhile, is ideally paired with Aerial Ace to exploit Rayquaza’s Flying strengths, which give it remarkable advantages over Bug, Fighting, and Grass-type Pokemon. On its own, Air Slash can still deal quite a blow, and Rayquaza’s Air Slash is more potent than any other in the game.


3. Kyogre

10 Best Pokemon In Pokemon GO 32

Though it couldn’t quite handle Rayquaza, Kyogre is still a formidable Pokemon in its own right. It is the legendary Water-type Pokemon we’ve all been waiting for, packing a punch that strikes fear in the hearts of Pokemon everywhere, especially those of the Rock, Fire, and Ground persuasions.

Though it does have some weaknesses when it comes to Dragon-types, Kyogre is a pretty strong all-around performer, claiming top 30 rankings in both attack and defense. When it comes to specialist matchups, you can’t find much out there better than this Pokemon, who can get up to a 4115 Max CP. 

Another reason that Kyogre is so sought after is his uniqueness as a legendary Water-type Pokemon; there aren’t many of its kind on the same level in terms of power. It has undoubtedly eclipsed Gyarados in that respect, which is a shame considering what a classic that big sea-dweller is. 

Kyogre didn’t replace him as the top Water-type Pokemon for nothing though; this Pokemon can fight. Its sky-high water DPS is supplemented nicely by some serious bulk. Its most attractive asset is his Waterfall + Splash moveset. Not only are these both solid moves, but when Kyogre uses them, he gets double STAB damage, which will no doubt become one of the best moves in your repertoire once you get there.

While it does also have some weaknesses against Electric and Grass opponents, Kyogre can still blunt the damage. When dealing with Electric types, Blizzard can be very helpful, while it can at least inflict neutral damage from a STAB Surf while going up against a Grass Pokemon.

4. Groudon

10 Best Pokemon In Pokemon GO 34
Source: Pokemongo Hub

Coming in just a spot behind Kyogre is its eternal rival, Groudon, with Kyogre representing the waters, and Groudon the earth. Well-known as the cover legendary for Pokemon Ruby, Groudon was by far the most powerful Pokemon in GO–even with its stats nerfed by 9%–when it made its debut in the game in 2017.

Groudon is the pinnacle of power when it comes to Ground Pokemon, and it could be getting even better for the mover of continents. In the main series, it’s one of only two Pokemon with a Primal Reversion (guess which Water-type Pokemon on this list is the other), and Groudon could soon be getting access to its most impactful attack, Precipice Blades.

Though it has some great attacking stats–such as its 4115 Max CP and 270 ATK, which are identical to Kyogre’s–they are somewhat subdued by the fact that Ground types don’t have a ton of great moves at their disposal. 

As the bulkiest general counter for Omastar, Groudon is also a solid Grass-type attacker, while also claiming a sensational counter to its own kind, which is rare. While Mud Shot is Groudon’s best move due to its superior overall damage output and weather resistance, it’s Dragon Tail that combines with Earthquake to create Groudon’s most powerful moveset, offering the highest total DPS and effectiveness in PvP formats.

As a ground-dweller, Gourdon has trouble with Grass, Ice, and Water, but can more than hold his own when it comes to dealing with Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, and Steel Pokemon when challenged.

5. Dragonite

10 Best Pokemon In Pokemon GO 36

Possibly one of the most consistently top-notch Pokemon, Dragonite hasn’t lost any of its luster and can still hang with the best of them. He’s a supreme generalist, owning a 3792 Max CP and 262 ATK, but also enjoying substantial bulk and defensive stats. Adding to Dragonite’s attractiveness is how easy it is to find them; they’re the most accessible Dragon-type in Pokemon GO.

Dragonite’s a good stop-over raid Pokemon before you get to more specialized options, but it’s got its own merits, too. Not least of which is Dragonite’s strength against Fighting and Fire Pokemon, which are the types most often used by players trying to attack gyms. Dragonite doesn’t have a prayer against its own kind or Ice Pokemon, but hey, at least it can fly around the world in just 16 hours!

When attacking with a Dragonite, Dragon Tail and Dragon Breath are your best friends, the latter of which is easier to dodge with, while the former leaves the higher damage output. Outrage is another useful tool that has two bars and can deal immense damage, though its cooldown does tend to take some time. Dragon Claw doesn’t quite have the same bite as Outrage, but it’s perfect for clearing out gyms with under three bars. Hurricane can also leave a significant mark on any Flying-type opponents, as well as opponents similar to Machamp.

On defense, Dragon Tail is once again one of your best moves with Dragonite. Steel Wing can also be used to your advantage against Ice, Fairy, and Rock Pokemon, which Dragonite is otherwise very susceptible to. Dragon Claw is also a solid defensive move because it’s tough to dodge, but it’s a legacy move and doesn’t have high power numbers. Overall, what makes Dragonite such a tremendous all-around Pokemon is its resistance to so many types, from Fighting to Water, to Bug, to Fire, Grass, and Ground.

6. Tyranitar

10 Best Pokemon In Pokemon GO 38

Tyranitar is another top-tier Pokemon who has stood the test of time. Apparently capable of bringing down an entire mountain to make its nest, Tyranitar has elite base stats such as a 3834 Max CP and a ton of STAB compatibility. Tyranitar is a great addition to fill out any serious Pokemon team and specializes in ripping through Dark and Rock-type Pokemon like they’re his breakfast. 


While he’s been getting a lot less love lately with how jammed the Dragon-type landscape has become on Pokemon GO, he’s still a great Rock and Dark-type attacker in raids, though some of those Dragons have better stats than Tyranitar. Still, it’s quite bulky, which can help to seal your squad up, add longevity, and keep DPS at a respectable level.

Tyranitar has several other advantages as well, such as its defensive moves. Both Iron Tail and Smack-Down can put some serious damage on their opponents, though only Iron Tail can resist Fighting Pokemon, which are generally considered to be like Kryptonite for Tyranitar. Its double Psychic resistance is also a huge plus, while the Smack Down + Stone Edge move set can do some damage for you on the attacking end.

There are now some Rock and Dark attackers with better DPS nowadays, but they still can’t match Tyranitar when it comes to HP and Defense. On top of it, there is a possibly bright future for Tyranitar, as this mountain-moving Pokemon will be able to maximize his strength if we move toward a Mega Evolution.

7. Metagross

pokemon go best pokemon

Some have referred to the Metagross as the ‘Dragonite or Tyranitar of the third generation’ because of its varied stat set; Metagross and its four brains can really do it all. It’s got a top tier 3791 Max CP, its 257 ATK rating is in the top 50, and its 228 DEF stats put it in the top 30 there also. 

Though it started with a weak array of moves at its disposal, Metagross quickly turned into a powerhouse when it got its Meteor Mash move late in 2018. Meteor Mash is an extremely effective charge move that tops all of the other Steel-type charges currently available in the game. When it comes to generalist attackers, Metagross is right near the top: it’s now not only the best Steel-type out there, but he’s a pretty solid Psychic-type as well. 

On the attack, Metagross always has Meteor Mash nowadays, which offers 100 damage at 50 energy, which are similar stats to Frenzy Plant, the best that Grass charge moves have to offer. Psychic, for its part, is the charge move that makes Metagross the worthwhile Psychic-type attacker that he is. In terms of moveset combos, you can’t go wrong combining Meteor Mash with anything, but a combo with Bullet Punch seems to be the best bang for your buck. Zen Headbutt and Psychic are another solid attacking combo if you want a bulky Psychic out there for you.

On the defensive end, Meteor Mash is once again the best weapon Metagross has. Zen Headbutt also has some considerable defensive capabilities, and when paired with Flash Cannon, it gives Metagross a chance against Dark-types. If you’re dealing with a top Fighter-type, such as Machamp, Psychic is also a nice move that can deal very effective damage. 

8. Lucario

10 Best Pokemon In Pokemon GO 40

We’ve been waiting for someone to dethrone Machamp as the king of the Fighting types, and it seemed Conkeldurr might be the one to do it, but they’ve now both been bested by Lucario. A new character, the Sinnoh mascot, and a fan favorite, Lucario’s 2703 Max CP is not all that impressive, but a 236 ATK rating does a lot to make up for that.

When the people at Pokemon GO added Aura Sphere to Lucario’s tool chest back in December, it really put Lucario over the top as the preeminent Fighting Pokemon in the game for both raids and gyms. Though some of Lucario’s stats still make him seem frailer than Machamp, the face of Sinnoh’s Steel-type actually puts its bulk at about the same level as the former Fighting champ.

If you’re looking for the most total DPS, your best bet in terms of moveset is Counter + 332. Counter on its own is probably Lucario’s best quick attack, only slightly better than Bullet Punch. Aura Sphere is his best charge and overall move by far, however, and if we’re honest, it’s the main reason Lucario can make it on a list like this. Lucario has some deficiencies, but as long as he’s the top dog of the Fighter Pokemon, he’ll be one of the most powerful characters out there.

9. Moltres

10 Best Pokemon In Pokemon GO 42

This fiery flying menace of a Pokemon reigns supreme in the Fire-type category thanks to a top 50 ATK rating of 251, as well as a robust 3465 Max CP. Though it’s individually impressive in terms of attacking amongst his fiery peers, Moltres places pretty high on neutral offensive ranks for DPS as well.

With that sky-high ATK added to Moltres’ already premier fast and charge moves, Moltres can be a truly tough adversary, especially against Bug, Grass, Ice, and Steel-type Pokemon. If you’re leaning on Moltres, it would also behoove you to find the sunny or clear areas, because this flaming Pokemon nearly always receives a 20% DPS boost in those places. A Moltres likes a beautiful clear sky on a sunny day, what can we say?

Though some other Fire-types best Moltres in specific stats or aspects, none can put it all together the way Moltres does. Though Fire-types are somewhat limited during raids, they can still be of help to counter Grass or Bug-types in these situations.

Moltres boasts a quartet of high-quality moves: Fire Spin, Wing Attack, Sky Attack, and Overheat. The flying flame’s exclusive move, Sky Attack (for which it has STAB), is by far it’s best-charging move, and also makes Moltres one of the better options for neutral DPS and DPS against Grass and Bug foes. Moltres’ most effective moveset by total DPS doesn’t involve Sky Attack, however, instead of relying on Fire Spin + Overheat. 

Fire Spin is another move that benefits nicely from STAB, while Overheat comes in as Moltres’ second-best charge move, with impressive base power and a quick cooldown. Meanwhile, Wing Attack packs a punch that most Fighting-types can’t handle, though it’s not very effective against those Grass and Bug-types. If you’re looking for a strong Fire-type, don’t mess around, go with the tried and true Moltres.

10. Raikou

most powerful pokemon go

The embodiment of the speed of lightning, Raikou is number one among Electric-types in Pokemon GO. As with most Electrics, Raikou has a lot of success with Flying and Water-types, while struggling some when it comes to Ground attackers. With a 3452 Max CP and a top 100 defensive rating, Raikou is surprisingly well-rounded.  

Though its 241 ATK rating doesn’t quite reach that of his Electric brethren Zapdos, Raikou’s Wild Charge move more than makes up for the disparity. Raikou is also stronger, with more bulk than the air-dwelling Zapdos, who sees advantages where Flying-types excel. The surprise addition of Shadow Ball to Raikou’s arsenal, which is a universally appreciated move, didn’t hurt its standing either.

Shadow Ball and Wild Charge by themselves give Raikou the capacity to hit any Pokemon in the game with at least neutral damage, other than Shiftry and Cacturne. Because of this, Raikou is one the most sought after gym attackers, as it’s versatile attacking can single-handedly clean up a gym for you.

Thunder Shock is another solid move in Raikou’s repertoire, this one of the quick variety. It’s got a fast cooldown and good energy gain without losing anything in DPS when compared to Volt Switch. Pair that Thunder Shock with Wild Charge and forget about it, you’ve got a recipe for success basically every time. Thunder and Thunderbolt aren’t great, but with moves like Wild Charge and Shadow Ball, the latter of which is an ideal move for gym cleaning, it’s no surprise why Raikou strikes so much fear in his foes. This is especially true of those water-dwelling Pokemon, who there aren’t many counters for, making Raikou all the more valuable.


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